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  1. With your experience in rio if you only had four days what would you do? What would your list of activities look like? We are simple so Christ the redeemer and the beach might be all we need but hoping to plan a perfect trip. Thanks for your help.
  2. What career would you rather have from the following choices?
  3. Thanks for the responses. I think you just made the decision really easy for us! 130 it is!
  4. general waiver is for someone who has filed a petition in the past?
  5. Can you tell me which is better to file. Here is my situation: I am living in Colombia with my fiance. I don't plan on returning to the United States until she receives a visa. If she doesn't receive a visa then we will stay in Colombia. Last night I started filling out the 129f but wondered if it might be better to fill out the 130. Plus, I like that we can file the 130 online. We can get married now while living in Colombia and then could file the 130. But it really comes down to which route would allow us to travel to the USA quicker. So which is better?
  6. But to visit you need a tourist visa? Or you just show up in the United States showing proof your applies for the K1?
  7. I just learned this morning that K1 visas take about a year to process and the same timeline is for petitioning a family member. We haven’t decided if we want to get married in her home country or in the United States. I’m a U.S. citizen she is from Colombia. We want to visit my family this summer or fall but the wait times seem to make it impossible. When can she visit? We must wait until the K1 interview? If she can visit while the application is filed does she receive some type of document to show the immigration officer after landing in the United States? As far as actually getting married we were thinking this November but the K1 could push that back. It’s amazing how we have to plan our lives around the immigration laws of the United States. I just want her to meet my family in person.
  8. that's a really good idea. Yes, we own real estate and have work contracts. I like the idea of visiting other countries as tourists. I guess the best we can do is apply and hope.
  9. ty - this is what I was thinking too. It seems like the best we can hope for is to reapply for the B2 and explain our circumstances to the immigration officer and hope for the best.
  10. I am a US citizen. My fiancé is a Colombia citizen. We live and work in Colombia. We have no intentions of moving to the United States as we both love living near our families here in Colombia. We simply would like to visit the United States for 1-2 weeks. The issue: My fiancé applied for a tourist visa 2 years ago but was denied saying she had no ties to prevent her from staying in the USA. Which is not the reality because she genuinely wants to live and work in Colombia and live near her family. K1 = This visa says we must get married and live in the USA (but again, we just want to visit) IR1/CR1 = Even if we get married in Colombia this visa is still for the purpose of living in the USA and I would be afraid they would revoke the visa if we simply visit for 2 weeks and return to Colombia. Then they may never allow her to return to the USA. This would be the worst case scenario for us. B2 = but the issue is that she was previously denied, the only difference is that she is now my fiancé. I'm almost certain they would review the previous denial and reject again. I'm positive that there are many people in our situation. Simply wanting to visit the USA and not live there. I realize that would be the tourist visa but with a prior denial aren't the chances very low that they will deny her again? Maybe simply showing proof of our relationship, jobs, and support while in the USA would change the outcome during this visa interview? Thanks for the advice. Hopefully someone with prior experience can help answer this question for us.
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