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  1. I've been trying to read what is after the conditional green card that one gets after the interview , it says that one needs more evidence when applying for the 10 year resident card . What kind of stuff would count as more evidence? im a bit confused
  2. Hi Guys we are September filers and just recently received an update through the app about approval for the combo card, but does anyone know how long will it take approximately for us to have the card in the mail? Thank you! to those still waiting , hang in there. We were worrying and the message finally came.
  3. Even after receiving that the case is ready for interview could take 22 months? /=
  4. Hi friends, we got a notice that our case is ready to be scheduled for an interview, but we have not received the ead or ap card. And we dont' know when the interview will be. does anyone know approximately how long it takes after that notice? thanks !
  5. if one gets the green card first than the ead .. then does that mean one can apply for the social security with the green card? haha it seems some people are getting their interviews approval first than receiving their ead
  6. Hello friends, does the government shut down delay this process for us? or is uscis still working?
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