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  1. Thank you! Yes, I love this site and the support we all get from each other!
  2. Just got an email from NVC with the case number and instructions but the The Consular Electronic Application Center is down! It says: mmigrant/Diversity Visa portal is currently undergoing maintenance. If their system is down how can they ask us to log in and do the next steps?! I am glad Visa Journey is there so I can see that I am not alone in this otherwise I would go crazy!
  3. Hi, My mother mailed the I-90 form (to renew her Green Card) on 3/22/17 but we still have not received the NOA letter. Is this normal? Thanks, Reza
  4. Hi, My sister had an interview last year but her case (through my mother) was sent back to USCIS for further processing. After a year, we received an email from USCIS telling us that "we mailed you a notice affirming our original approval. Please contact the Department of State directly for any further information on your case." But when I contacted NVC they tell me I should contact the embassy. After attempting to contact the embassy several times, we finaly got an email telling us that "Yet we have not received back your file. Thanks". Does anyone know what we should do next? Thank you all for your help!