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  1. Hi Friends, Congrats to everyone who finally got their visa issued! Here's a quick update, they've requested a 30 day extension on our mandamus for ir5 on July 2, requested another ds5535 (which we submitted right away). We had a couple updates after we sent that. On July 28th they again asked us to submit another ds5535, weird! So we sent it again and today on August 2nd the status changed to Administrative Processing. Today, August 2nd they also requested a 30 day extension since the original one expired today. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of how long it could take from this point? Hoping it is issued soon!
  2. They've only requested updated ds-260, passport pics, and re-medical. All which is sent as of may 19th. They have not requested my father in law to send back his passport yet.
  3. ir5 status updated today (June 9th) since we sent off the remedical on May 19th. Still refused. No instructions on sending the passport back yet or anything else. I must also add that we have filed a WOM which has given the date of July 2nd to the embassy to make a decision. With the speed of things right now, I have a feeling they will end up asking for an extension.
  4. Nothing yet, been 2 weeks since submitted medical.
  5. surprisingly 2 day later. surprisingly 2 days later
  6. last update was May 6th when we received the request for documents. Medical completed by May 18th, mailed ds260/passport pics on May 19th. Case updated today may 28th in response to our inquiry if documents received to which they responded no.
  7. We emailed the embassy and they responded today that they havent received our documents. Isnt the medical delivered electronically now? And the DS-260 was updated online. We couriered a print out of the ds-260 along with passport pictures since our Ceac doesnt have the online documentation upload option (case created 2017).
  8. hey guys, How long after submitting the medical was the case updated? Did the embassy notify you upon receiving the requested documents?
  9. Hi Guys, I am joining this thread since we are in the same boat. Listing some background info below ir5- applied since august 2017 1st Interview ISL Embassy- February 2018 AP 2nd Interview ISL - April 2019 Still AP (no request for further doc. generic response) Covid hit- ir5 paused Congressional Inquiry- April 12, 2021 Filed WOM - April 24, 2021 Medical, updated ds260, passport pics requested- May 6, 2021 Medical complete - May 17, 2021 Pictures, passport, and updated ds260 sent via courier - May 18, 2021 Hoping and praying for the journey to end soon!
  10. Hi Guys, The US embassy in islamabad has requested my father in law (ir5 filed by USC son) to upload passport sized pictures on ceac. The NVC case was created back in october 2017 and at the time they did not process documents electronically on ceac. My ceac login page does not have the additional documents option or the option to upload anything. All it allows is to update ds-260 if opened or check visa status. Any advise on how to proceed? Included screenshot of how our ceac page looks
  11. Congratulations! Did you use Jim Hacking for Mandamus?
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