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  1. His interview was before the ban but got visa in May. This was a k1. The one without military service was a k1 as well.
  2. I know someone waiting since may. He didnt have military service. I am not sure if this makes it go any faster. I know someone who did have military service as well. His took 25 months.
  3. This may be accurate for Yemen, but not accurate for others. Djibouti prior to May was a mental asylum and was denying everyone. They started getting their act together in May. For Iran and Syria I have seen few visas printed in the Jan 2018 to June 2018 period with "Presidential Proclamation waived". Fact remains that very very small percentage of spouse (IR visas) have actually come through. The vast majority (I would say over 90%) are waiting. Since the ban started 11 months ago, most of them are waiting atleast 6 months. I know some who interviewed in feb and march and are still waiting. Prior to the ban, people reported approx 1 year wait time in AP. But there are cases waiting 3, 4 years. Its all over the place. The ban has resulted in a large number of people being put in the same AP queue without a corresponding increase in staff required to process them. Results are what we see. What would be really interesting is to see numbers for Jan and Feb 2019. If AP is still taking 1 yr, then Jan and Feb numbers should resume normalcy compared to 2015/2016. Again, Yemen seems to have better numbers, but Iran/Syria not so much.
  4. The travel ban requires a donkey or a mantis sao. The validity of each is less than 3 months. Even if your previous check was a donkey or a mantis its no longer valid.
  5. They will most likelt issue the visa within 2 months. I know a lawyer who has filed 300 of these. 99 percent of the time the case dosent go to trial and Visa is issued. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. salhasl

    Family in Immigration Ban Countries

    Pregnant Iranian women are treated like the queen goddess with the entire neighborhood and extended family at their beck and call. This on top of the general hormonal changes you have your work cut out for you. Good luck.
  7. salhasl

    Family in Immigration Ban Countries

    Shot at success is no different than prior to the ban. The only thing thats different is that if she is under 65 she will be stuck in AP for an unpredictable period of time currently in the years not months. Most people give up non essential travel plans such as this after a few months. So this may be an excercise in futility, unless she wants to visit the kid when its 2 yrs old.
  8. salhasl

    Family in Immigration Ban Countries

    They are on pacer. You need a paid login or be a lawyer. In any case, there have been instances where DOS has violated their own waiver rules and are currently being sued for it. OP - since this is a NIV (things are diff for IVs) there is no guarantee that your mom will get a visa. Your sister will most certainly be denied under the proclamation, unless she has an exception - of which there are many. Parents, spouses and children are considered close family members and are supposed to qualify for waivers. There are 3 parts to the waiver 1) Undue hardship 2) National Interest 3) National security #1 and #2 are determined on the spot by the consular. #3 is determined by DOS. When you get a paper like i posted above, you have already qualified for #1 and #2 only then can the consular request #3 from VO (via DS 5535). From what I am observing of late (last few months - may be because of the lawsuit) posts are adhering to the parent, spouse and child rule. #3 is taking an insanely long time, and there are no set timelines. Unfortunately, since all three need to happen for waiver #1 and #2 area meaningless without #3. I know people who are waiting 12+ months after interview with no response.
  9. salhasl

    Family in Immigration Ban Countries

    Official state department guidance lists parents spouse and children as close family. This automatically approves you for national interest and undue hardship. Third one is nat sec. Thats a blackhole. Some get past in 3 months some take years. I know of b1/2s granted to travel ban countries. As long as they bypass immigrant intent and ap.
  10. Dont lose hope. AP is long but almost always results in approval. Here is a doc with some details on how long it used to take before ds 5535 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_NGZltpmwaCwFj5qlIzVUKlAYoPcbtfW1x2HWKu6nY/pub?single=true&gid=2&output=html Unfortunately 5535 is very new so i dont have more recent data. If people here know of recent spouse visas for iranian nationals it would be great if you can pm me interview dates so we can update the spreadsheet.
  11. Looks like the embassy in manila turned him down. Hes going to have to get it from iraq.
  12. Are you referring to iraq or iran?
  13. salhasl

    Family in Immigration Ban Countries

    You can apply. Her mom will qualify for a waiver her sister won't. This is if the consular officer determines she does not have immigrant intent. If she is over 65 she might get the visa on the spot. If not she will be put in ap. You will get a paper like the one below
  14. In September, around 100 Immigrant visas were issued to Yemeni nationals - around 50 of them spouses. Do we know when these people interviewed? Are any of these 2018 interviews?