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  1. Finally, our journey has come to an end as well. We picked up our visa today. Interview was 2 days ago, and visa was ready the 2 days after interview. We are ecstatic. The visas are being given out everyday, almost everyone is getting visas within a couple of weeks of interview. We talked to many many people who came, got their visas and left. Many were second interview (first interview was before the automated system) but many more were first interview like us. Bottom line, things are back to normal for the most part, almost everyone interviewing is getting visas. I did hear some refusals for men who have served in the military, but have not spoken to anyone that had this so I don't know how widespread it is. We are going to visit a few places in turkey and then hopefully fly into the US next week! I wish everyone here speedy visas and unification with their loved ones. We were in AP for a day, and the mrs was going nuts, so I cannot begin to imagine what many on this board are going through. It is deeply unfair to people who interviewed between dec 2017 and july 2019, but the one piece of hope I can offer you is that many people I saw were getting visas were second interview where the first interview was 2018/early 19.
  2. First interview. Spoke to an Iranian lady who interviewed first time yesterday and got visa today. No AP. Most people here are second interview but some are first interview as well.
  3. Dual citizens are not subject to ban. There are certain iranian men especially who have served in the IRGC who will be subjected to an outright refusal under 212 a 3 b. But they should no longer be subject to administrative processing under PP 9645. Some might have extended AP but not all. This is on basis of the changes in the past 3 months. Up until July everyone - children women elderly were subject to extended AP of 1 to 2 years. Starting in July extended aps are the exception rather than the norm. Especially for people who have not served in the military or worked for the government
  4. Had our interview today in Ankara. Iranian beneficiary. They could not see many of our documents in ceac. Asked us to upload them again. I suspect because we switched embassy someone dropped the ball somewhere. They kept her passport and told her not to worry at all. They said once we upload documents in 3 to 5 days we should have our passport back with visa in it. Fingers crossed. Hopefully they kept her passport is a good sign.
  5. Has anyone heard of whats the situation as of now? I know in September and October they were giving out visas same day or same week of interview for spouses but of late i am not hearing much. Maybe people are just not posting as much. Has anyone from travel ban countries interviewed in November for the first time? What has been the outcome?
  6. What exactly did they tell you at the interview. Did they ask for 5535?
  7. Dont worry they usually ask for passport within a few days. Roam around turkey.. visit Istanbul bodrum marmaris maybe antalya... and you will hear from them soon 🙂 good luck!!!
  8. Its not actually bad - i think they take a few days to issue the visa. I dont think visas are granted same day.
  9. Hey paret3169 how was your interview? Did you get the Visa? Did they ask for 5535?
  10. This is a very opportune time to be an immigration lawyer. There are lawyers who have made upwards of a million dollars in less than a year.
  11. I have not read through all the pages of this thread so apologize if this has already been asked. What proof is the community suggesting the beneficiary carry for this?
  12. Hello, I am at the NVC stage, finalizing documents. There is a optional document section: Adoption Documentation Birth Certificate Criminal Court and Prison Records Form DS-234 Special Immigrant Visa Biodata Form Marriage Certificate Marriage Termination Documentation Military Records Military-Civilian Identification Badge Other Passport Biographic Page Petitioner's Birth Certificate Petitioner's Marriage Certificate Petitioner's Marriage Termination Documentation Photographs Police Certificate Proof of Legal Residence in Foreign Country Proof of LPR Status Proof of U.S. Citizenship Proof of U.S. Citizenship or LPR Status Refugee Benefits Election Form Translation Some of these (birth cert, marriage cert, police cert,) are already in the required docs section, but I have following additional documents from the optional section that I can upload now: Petitioner's Birth Certificate Petitioner's Marriage Certificate [Isnt this the same as the beneficiary Marriage certificate??] Proof of LPR Status Proof of U.S. Citizenship Proof of U.S. Citizenship or LPR Status [Is a copy of my passport OK for this? ] Photographs [Can i upload wedding/honeymoon pics here?]
  13. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The DOS has testified to congress that they plan to finish the remaining 17K waiver adjudications within next 6 months. Law360 (September 24, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT) -- A U.S. Department of State official on Tuesday blamed the lengthy delays that have plagued the travel ban waiver process on a time-intensive manual security check, but told lawmakers that a new automated procedure rolled out this summer has significantly sped up the process. Speaking before House Judiciary and House Oversight subcommittees, Edward Ramotowski of the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs said that waiver approvals had doubled in the last two months, since the department started automating part of the process to vet individuals from the nations targeted by President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions. He also said the department plans to get through the rest of the waiver cases, which face a 17,000-case backlog, within the next six months. https://www.law360.com/articles/1201847
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