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  1. 2days before interview. I made an appointment but it is not necessary. I paid 1000 for medical at mideast.
  2. She said "you have qualify for visa but trump ban don't allow us" My case came back to wc. 2days ago. She asked me about my husband jobs. She didn't want any document to proof our relationship, although I have lots of documents to show her.
  3. مراحل_ثبت_نام_پست_برای_پیکاپ_وی(1).pdf
  4. If you saw the bottom of your nvc letter (noticed that received your documents) you could find priority date. And it mentions to the day that you applied. For us citizen the days between pd and interview are around 1and half year. Sometimes more and sometimes less
  5. Pd is the date that you apply for cr1-ir1and... Visas.
  6. The cc is not important. The pd is important. You will get good news these days
  7. Hi frn. I see your time line your pd was 2016.01. So your case is in the process more than 2 years. Your husband is citizen? For citizens the time between pd and embassy are around 1.5 year and for green cards are more... Please email to nvc. they answer to you as soon as possible. Have you ever called or emailed them?
  8. Ohhh I am so sorry I see now I wrote wrong my interview date. It will be 5. I hope your interview goes well and make us happy with your good news.
  9. I called nmc and Mideast. Both of them told me they could prepare the result after one day. And if you pay more, you could have the result around half of day. Take it easy, you can do your medical during the week which you have an interview.
  10. Thank you. My visa is ir1. Pd 31 may 2016
  11. Cc 22. December Interview: 4march Woowww I am so happy
  12. I don't think so the time process from cc date until interview is what matters. I know lots of people who had an interview in Abu dhabi after three months waiting. I heard if your spouse was a citizen the whole process usually would take 1 and half years. Although there is an exception...
  13. Congratulations guys. I am so happy for you. finally finish these frustrating days. I sent email to nvc and asked them to update my status.