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  1. Ours was just an automatic message for my husband's cr1 visa that switched back to admin processing once we contacted the embassy ij regards to this. My question's point was just if anyone else got this message and their results after the fact.
  2. If anyone has gotten this message or know anyone that has for their case on the ceac site please tell me how long after your initial interview you got it and if your visa was approved or not after having received that message. Im just trying to remain hopeful off the fact that from my observations most people that got this message were approved shortly after.
  3. Hi, my husband had his interview on february 27th of 2018 in Pakistan, they gave him a 221g with the request of more proof of our relationship such as more pics and conversation screenshots which we submitted within 5 days. Anyway, its been 17 months now, and as I posted in a previous thread we received an expiring soon message from the embessy recently on july 2nd. The issue cleared up and they changed back to admin processing. My concern is, the message doesnt get sent out until after a year has gone by, everyone on this forum that has received this message got it 11-12 months after their interview. Since ours was in feb 2018, why did they send our message to us 16 months after ?? Shouldn't we have gotten it february or march 2019 instead of july 2nd? Maybe im looking into it too much, but now Im thinking maybe they didn't look at the additional documents we submitted until july or august of 2018 which is why they sent the message out july 2nd which would make it a year. Any opinions on this would be great. Appreciated and thank you.
  4. It was on the ceac site where it says admin processing my husband's case status changed to expiring soon few weeks ago, luckily it wasnt actually expiring and was just an automated message they send out after a year has gone by and they put it back in admin processing. How were you able to see the DS 260 was reopened?
  5. Hi everyone, I applied for my husband's immigration visa 2 years ago, he had his interview at the Islamabad Embassy in Pakistan on february 27th of 2018 and was put under administrative processing with a request of more pics for proof of relationship (they kept his passport). We mailed the pics 2 days after his interview and received a questionnaire a few days later in march which we filled out and emailed back right away. I asked for an update in may of 2018 after the 60 day mark and just got the admin processing message in their email response. I decided to wait and let them do their thing. A year goes by and the last status update is still from may 2018 when I made my inquiry. I email them again in march of 2019 and got the same admin processing message. His status update date was changed to reflect the new update after my inquiry. I emailed them again about 4 or 5 times since march of this year and now don't even receive an email response, but instead they just give me a response by updating the status date on the CEAC site with the same admin processing status. Recently on July 2nd there was an automatic update that said the case is expiring soon, I panicked and emailed them again, luckily they changed it back to admin processing on the 5th. The case status date only changes after I make an inquiry which tells me they aren't working on it unless I reach out to ask for an update, even then I assume its not a person updating but the system itself. Its been 14 months going on 15 soon, I know theres nothing anyone can do, but any advice based off your own experience or if there is something worth trying?? Im thinking about reaching out to my local congressman, but afraid I'll piss off the embassy by doing that. Any advice?
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