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  1. I selected the replace GC due to an error on the card option on the I90.
  2. It expires in March of 2022 so in 3 months. I will refile another I90 and continue to set up an in person appointment asap.
  3. Right?? I keep insisting that to the agents on the phone and all I get from them is its based on the date I filed originally in 2016. But with that logic, every marriage based visas should be Conditional then 🤔. Right now I will set an in person appointment to speak to them, and reach out to the congressman as well.
  4. Yes when he entered the U.S we were 4 years into our marriage. We married in 2016, he entered in 2020
  5. I spoke to a lawyer (random free consultation one from google) who said there's not much I can do and basically just advised us to file to remove the conditions and pay the fee and to have him apply for citizenship next March since it'll be 3 years by then. We have been married since 2016 so 5 years now, going on 6 years in July.
  6. The border agent did tell him it needs to be updated to an IR1 but he didn't update it for him he just told him to get it updated. Do you know how we can update it or should we go to a USCIS office and request and update?
  7. Thank you sir I knew I wasn't crazy, I'm honestly so frustrated with those people. They claim it's based off the filing date vs when he became a resident.
  8. Hi guys, My husband immigrated in March of 2020 and after 1 year of waiting for his greencard, when he finally got it it was a Conditional card. We have been married since 2016 and I had originally filed for him in 2016 so I thought maybe it was an error. Based on other peoples' advice, I filed an I90 to fix the error but they mailed us a letter saying we need to continue to wait until the date to file to remove the conditions off his greencard as well as pay the fee. Basically, they don't think it's an error. I called uscis and spoke to 2 individuals who told me that the condition is based off when I applied and that since I applied a few months after my marriage the greencard is Conditional. I don't understand how that is remotely even accurate at all, even when his visa was approved we were 4 years into our marriage. Someone please help me understand how this is right when on USCIS' website it states that a Conditional card is for those who had their visa approved less then 2 years into their marriage. Right now they are telling us to file to remove the conditions and pay the almost $700 fee as well as go in for the marriage interview which we are looking at another 15 months for the whole process. Does anyone have any advice for us? Thank you
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