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  1. Hi, I think we are the ones being mentioned. We filed an expedite which was initially denied, but most likely they reopened it. I am thinking it’s probably due to that instead of the k3. A handful did file k3 and didnt heard back or got approved. Anyway, I think potomac is working and soon there’ll be lots of July approvals
  2. Hi all Im posting on behalf of my spouse and I. We are currently in the process of applying for a CR1 filed in AugUSG 2019, still awaiting NOA2. Just informed that spouse (USC) will be due to deploy in less than a month (really short notice). Been reading the forum and usually people get a few months in before deploying to expedite the case. Will we even have time to expedite if it’s on such short notice? Has anybody dealt with such short notice expedites before? Thanks!
  3. Hmm, the NOA1 is just to tell you that they’ve received your petition and issued you a receipt number (the IOE number). Have you all received the hard copy letter for the online access code? We received only the NOA1 hardcopy but no signs of the other yet.
  4. Hi everyone! Figured we joined in too, since we filed in August 2019. Sent i130 and received on 8/22/19 NOA1 text 8/27/19 Hardcopy NOA1 in mail 8/31/19 Potomac @3naD, hopefully you receive news soon about your NOA1. Seems like everyone is anxious but let’s stay positive
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