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  1. Oh i got my green card through employment in 2013. I started the green card process in 2005. It was a long and arduous process. I went the really long way! 14 years from the start to the finish. As far as the n-400 you can apply at the 5th year anniversary of your green card date or 90 days before that anniversary date. They are really busy at the SLC office to try to move cases. At one point in the process i was frustrated but after seeing what i saw yesterday, I wish i had been more patient. Hindsight is 2020 right? They are really working hard over there.
  2. What a tough journey it has been! What a sweet feeling it is though to be done!

  3. Salt lake city office Passed interview today 06/27/2019 Took oath of allegiance today as well I had the interview today at the Salt Lake City office. Such was my surprise on entering and seeing the number of people there! I found out most people were there for Naturalization along with their families. The security staff and the naturalization coordinator were super helpful in getting the oath takers to the front of the line to go through security. It was equally as fast for us going to the interview. After security, i went to checkin by turning in my interview letter at station 4. i was asked to sit and wait to hear my name called amidst the loud noises all around. The oath takers and their families/friends sat in the same general area as the interviewees so there was a lot of chatter going on. An officer came through side door and called my name. He asked that i follow him. He indicated i sit. I was sworn in and we then proceeded to the civics and english test. Civics: 1. During the cold war, what was the main concern of the united states 2. Under our constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the states 3.What is the highest court in the united states? 4. We elect a US representative for how many years? 5. Name one branch of part of the government 6. Can't remember the sixth Read: The white house is in washington dc Wrote: Same Officer then rapidly went through the Yes/No questions. I had some traffic violations so i reported those and officer changed my response to the citations/arrest question to YES. My case was fairly straightforward because i'm not married, don't have kids so there was not much to look at with my case. Officer went through the Oath of Allegiance stuff and then said "I am recommending your application for approval". It took everything in me to not scream at this point (I later did scream when i got in my car) I went home, took a bite and a nap. Rallied up some friends to show up at the at the 2.45pm ceremony. There were 27 applicants from 22 different countries!!! Will try to apply for the passport tomorrow. I've been following you guys silently but thought i'd share my experience. Thanks again
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