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  1. Mine took about 24 hours from the time I received the IL before I could register. You should be fine by now.
  2. Hi @Bethliza, It'll all went good. We had a little issue with their system on the interview. Check my timeline for more info. Make sure you schedule your medical exam at least 3 weeks before the appointment and follow the Embassy instructions carefully (specially the check list): https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MDD-Madrid.html Cheers
  3. Hi @Bethliza, We are applying for a IR1 visa. We got DQ'd on Oct 11, 2023. We received the interview letter by email on Nov 29, 2023. They scheduled our interview for Jan 16, 2024. Hope that helps. Good luck with the journey.
  4. Hi @RepsForHarambe, I got the interview letter this morning, for January 16. From what I've seen on the internet, it's taking about month and a half to get the IL. Best of luck
  5. Thanks @Izzymael. I can't relate to that. On CR1, you pay the fees on the NVC stage. Hope you get dates very soon. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, We got DQ on October 11. Is there anyone waiting to get the appointment letter or about to have their interview? I would like to join the whatsapp group if it's still active. Thank you
  7. Congratulations! We got the same message. Now waiting for the NVC welcome letter. They should contact you by e-mail or physical mail (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-1-submit-a-petition/step-2-begin-nvc-processing.html). Though most references I have, they got an email.
  8. We got our case approved yesterday! We found out from the "Documents" section. PD 11/05/2022. NOA1 11/05/2022 from Nebraska SC. NOA2 09/21/2023 from Texas SC. Hope the best to everyone!
  9. Same here. Our estimate went from 3 months to taking longer than expected since April. PD 05-NOV-2022 NOA1 05-NOV-2022 Still waiting
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