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    I met my husband on Facebook on August 2011 then we were talking everyday either on FB, MSN or SKYPE then we decided to meet each other. I went to Morocco on NOV 24rd of 2011. I already spoke to my parents about him and that he will come asking for my hand when I gets there. By coincidence he is from the same city as my parents also our parents know each other before which helps us a lot . So I met him on NOV 25th for the first time live and everyday we meet each other till he came with his family & we got engaged on DEC 03rd 2011. We got married on DEC 05th 2011. We had only a small wedding party because his mom was sick & my uncle passed away like 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding but we are planning to have a big wedding party when he gets approved then we will come back together to USA. We went together to Marrakech for 3 Days & we stayed in a Hotel near Jama3 Lafna & we had the proof paper from the Hotel that was sent to USCIS first when we applied with the Wedding Pictures, Pictures of us together when we go out for coffee or dinner & the Marriage Certificate but I didn't send any Chat history or Emails nothing. I missed my hubby so much and I want him here next to me Now before tomorrow. Hope everyone will hear good news very soon. I hope also that our VJ will be a happy ending Inchaa Allah.

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  1. @Golden Gate I filed for my mom on 2016 and it took less than 8 months to get her green card.
  2. My friend’s siblings are married now. My brother who my mom filed for him by green card is not married.
  3. @SteveInBostonI130 yes you are correct. Thanks for your detailed answer. Very appreciated.
  4. I didn’t mean to accuse you but when I was replying to your post it wasn’t edited yet so after I send my reply I saw the edited reply on the top. I’m using my phone and watching tv so probably I was slow replying back. Anyway thanks for your answers. I thought for mom will be less years that’s why I had her file for my unmarried brother with her green card and not my citizens. He is older than 21
  5. Of course not married because she filed for him by green card and still in the process for her citizens. He is over 21. If he was married I would’ve applied for him because I’m US citizens but instead I had my mom filed.
  6. My mom filed for my brother by green card and PD 01/2017.
  7. Thanks for your answer. He didn’t answer me at first but instead he asked me of PD of I-130 after I answered him he edited his answer that’s why. But it looks like the process it is really long I thought it depends on the country filing for it may take up to 8 years no longer. Why for my brother that my mom filed for him it will take another 10 years that’s really long wait, I thought it is shorter because mother filing.
  8. When case was approved on 09/2020 she told me it has been 8 years since she filed for her siblings. by the way my mom filed fir my brother on 01/2017 and his case was approved 01/2021 and still at NVC as well waiting to finish the process. Does it mean it is going to take longer. I see my questions haven’t been answered. Do we need to update status from single to married or no. If yes how because NVC are no longer answering calls.
  9. They were approved like 09/2020 and case at NVC and still can’t pay the fee because they still haven’t post it online because of COVID numbers of visas given are very limited.
  10. My friend had filed I-130 for both her brothers. Case has been approved and sent to NVC, she is waiting for fee to show online so that she can pay them and finish the process. Her question is that both her brothers got married so she wants to know if she needs to update their marital status or not. If yes how and when. Also it is ok to not say anything because brothers wanted to come in first to get adjusted here then bring their spouses afterwards. I’m hoping that someone went through the same situation and what did you do?
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