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  1. Yeah Atlanta would be! He got his SS# after a couple of weeks but still waiting on GC. My husband says it usually takes a few months. Was that your experience? We found a small market not to far away that has halal meat but I found out that it's something that's difficult to inquire about since it involves basically asking people if they eat halal meat which is kind of a private thing. It's a big issue, if a person who is Muslim lands in an area where halal meat is not readily available. Having to drive for hours and then cut and freeze large quantities of meat adds an extra level of work to the whole cooking process. I got rid of my microwave so defrosting meat safely is another issue. Basically, you have to think of what you want to eat tomorrow and put it in the refrigerator at night in order for it to be ready to cook that next day. I might have to reconsider my stance on microwaves!
  2. Thanks, Jeanne! Yes but we were specifically looking for a Moroccan butcher that we heard about. Just to have that Moroccan touch
  3. Hey does anyone know of a Moroccan butcher near Washington DC? Thanks!
  4. Wow that's great! That's also encouraging. My husband mentioned WES. I had never heard of it LOL We'll try both ways, WES and GED and see which gets him further. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  5. Yes Morocco has the French school system levels: middle school is collège, high school is lycée, which is why it's confusing for them that we called university "college" LOL I did call someone at the GED just in case we can't get equivalency with his transcripts and they confirmed that my husband can take the GED even though he graduated from high school in Morocco. Thanks again for the info! I didn't realize that GED is accepted globally: The GED® program is the only higher secondary certificate available in over 85 countries and accepted by nearly all universities in the U.S. and many across the world.
  6. Thank you JeanneAdil! This is encouraging! So your husband was able to do the GED even though he completed high school in Morocco? It says on the requirements to do GED that you have to have not completed high school.
  7. Hey guys, has anyone's Moroccan spouse gone to college or university after arriving in the US with CR1? If so, what documents did the American university require for admission? We are wondering if my husband needs to dig up his high school transcript or if the transcript from his technical institute will suffice. I thought you could request all of this online in Morocco but that is not the case apparently 😕
  8. Wow that's crazy! I would prefer to go in person, but I hate saying goodbye again!
  9. The passport was ready pretty fast, like 5 days! Other people have waited longer I think. They gave him a two week window, so it might be best to plan for 2 weeks and be suprised!
  10. Welcome! Regular post is too slow, and like you said things can get stuck in customs. We decided to use DHL. They picked up the shipment on Thursday and it was delivered to my husband on Monday. And they have really good tracking so you know exactly what is going on.
  11. I think so too! He had this nice 2 inch binder and he set it down on the counter when he got to the interview window. He never even opened it
  12. Exactly. I mailed all of that. Of course they didn't ask for anything, but like JeanneAdil says if you don't have it they will ask for it.
  13. To my knowledge they didn't ask for any financial documents but I'll ask my husband to be sure. We had this whole issue with our 2020 tax return not being processed and not having the transcript and we thought they would make an issue of it, but they didn't. We had called the IRS so many times, and wrote congressman and representatives. We filed our 2021 taxes and got our transcript within days and he brought that and an updated I-864 EZ but I don't think they even asked for it.
  14. Thank you so much! الحمد لله الحمد لله He was yes! Thank you so much!
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