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  1. So can she file the I-130 first, using our address as their physical address and then file the I-485 adjustment of status once she gets all the forms filled out and evidence gathered? Or is it required to file together? Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.
  2. My wife is currently filling out the I-130 form while her parents are visiting the United States. The hope is for them to be approved while they are still here so they don’t need to fly back and forth. On the I-130 form it asks for the beneficiary Physical Address. Should I put our address in the US since they are here, or put their home address back in their home country? I’m just wondering what pushes the interview location to be held in the US? Thanks for for your help!
  3. We received a response to reopening the cases. Since they are over 1 yr old, they can not be reopened. So my wife wants to refile. Is she able to apply for Adjustment of Status at the same time as filing the I-130? If so it would be appreciated if you have info on how to do that. Also, when would her parents be able to attain work authorization? Thank you all for your help.
  4. My wife’s parents are visiting on a visitor visa. Can she apply for them to remain in the United States with the I-130 form? If so I was wondering what is the processing time for approval and how long before they can adjust status? What would the fees be for the whole process? thanks for your help!
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