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  1. Good Afternoon, We applied a few years back for my wife's Brother to Immigrate to the United States. At the time of filing, he was married and had 1 child. Since then, him and his wife had another child. First question is, do I need to inform USCIS of the updated information? Second question, If so how do I do so? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Mike n Huong

    Processing time for N-600

    I feel much more comfortable him having the actual certificate along with his passport.
  3. We filed the N-600 form for our son to get his US citizenship Certificate. Case was received at local office on December 29th, 2017 and haven’t had any updates. Anyone have a timeline for the N-600 process? Thank You in advance.
  4. Good evening, I am filling out form N-600 for my son to get his citizenship certificate. I am confused on Part 2, question 14.B. i used the following travel document to be admitted to the United States: Passport or Travel Document Passport number or Travel Document Number Country of Issuance for Passport or Travel Document Date Passport or Travel Document Issued He was issued a US Visa at his interview in Vietnam. The visa was pasted into his Vietnamese Passport. So do I select Passport and enter the Passport info or select Travel Document and enter the Visa info? thank you for your help.
  5. We are applying for our son to get his Citizenship Certificate. His mom became a citizen years ago and we would like to get his certificate. Do we submit just copies of all evidence or are originals required? Thank you you for your help
  6. I was wondering what the guidelines are for the sponsors financial responsibility when sponsoring parents? How long? I was also wondering if you are still responsible if they don't live with you.
  7. Mike n Huong

    Child of US Citizen

    Thanks, I guess it would be wise to make sure I have it renewed before it expires.
  8. My wife became a US Citizen by Naturalization when her son was 10. I know he became a US Citizen as soon as she became one. After her ceremony they mentioned that we should get his Citizen certificate before he becomes 18 and goes to college. This was 6 years ago, and was told the fee was in the $500 range. We did get him a US passport. Does anyone know if we need to obtain a US Citizen document for him? If so what form? Is it the N-600 form? That has a few of $1170. Any advice is greatly appreciated.