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  1. My husband didn’t need one either, since he didn’t have his yet. Clerk I talked to just said they put in 000-00-000 if that’s the case.
  2. The I-129f is a fiancé visa. It sounds like you’re already married, so that is not an option for you.
  3. Just got my notice As well via case tracker that interview on April 1st has been cancelled and to look for the notice in the mail for further info.
  4. Just got our mail notice with our interview! It’s on April, 1st... 😆 Took just under a week to get our paper notice after online status changed to “Interview Scheduled”
  5. Just saw that interview is scheduled! We are San Bernardino. EAD is still showing fingerprints taken, but green card is better anyway so we’re not worried about that. Now just waiting for paper copy with our interview date.
  6. Just saw on the Case Tracker app that our case is ready to be scheduled for interview! Had checked a couple times today, but finally changed just a few minutes ago.
  7. Hubby’s biometrics got done this morning, just a bit of a wait, but actual finger printing and photo only took about 10 minutes at the most. App also shows case updated to show fingerprints received.
  8. Congrats! My husband just got his Biometrics appointment in the mail yesterday as well; took 2 weeks from mailing packet out, and his appointment is on 12/30!
  9. Most recent year for taxes is required, last 3 years is optional. It states this on the i864 form
  10. Just got the the text messages 12/11 around 9:30pm pst!! They received our package on Monday 12/9. Now just waiting for paper NOA1s and biometrics.
  11. Joining in with this group, just sent my husbands AOS paperwork out 12/7. 🤗
  12. For anyone who may still be following this: VISA HAS BEEN ISSUED! CEAC finally changed to issued this morning and my fiancé got his email for tracking as well. He had his interview back on July 3, 2019. Was told he was approved but then received DS-5535 within a few hours and we have been waiting ever since!
  13. Figured id give a quick update! So my fiance had his interview back in July, was told he was approved but then got a request for the "Extra vetting, DS-5535" form. He got that sent in within a few days. About 6 weeks later they sent his passport back to him, with a 221(g) form stating he was in AP and send him an email requesting that he send the DS-5535 form(my guess is they never got the first one, sheesh). He finally got a human response that they got it the day after he emailed that to him. After about 6 more weeks he just got an email from the consulate requesting his passport back!!!!! Hopefully they will hurry up and put his visa together, and mail it back asap so he can finally make his final plans to move down. I will update once its official!
  14. I suggest you make sure you get an actual confirmation that they received your emailed ds-5535if you have not already. My fiancé had the same situation as you for getting approved then received ds-5535 a few hours later. He emailed it shortly after but we only got a generic email back. After several weeks they sent his passport back and another email requesting ds-5535. He sent again and actually got a personal response that they received it. just a thought!
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