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  1. He received the email shortly after his interview. He’s almost done filling out the paperwork and will be getting it emailed back to the consulate within the next day or two.
  2. Were you also sent an email to fill out DS-5535? My fiancé got it in email shortly after he had been told he was approved at consulate. 

  3. Yes, born in Canada. And he has never been outside of Canada/USA.
  4. Did anyone happen to get a request for a form DS-5535? My fiancé had his interview this morning, and was told that he was approved. Then later today got an email with a request for that form. Any help is appreciated. I have been trying to go through the forums trying to get more info... he got a pink pink slip stating he was approved.
  5. How did you get the notice of what day you will be getting the visa?
  6. Just received the P4 and was reading that K1 visa fee should be paid in cash, yet I've seen different ones on VJ state both paying cash or online. Has anyone paid online while making the interview appointment and already had their interview and have no problem? Thanks!!
  7. Does anyone know if they still have June appointments, or if people are starting to wait until July opens up? (I know I’m just starting wait for p3, just curious what my timeline for interview is somewhat looking like) 😁
  8. Thank you so much! And I’ll make sure to share if there’s anything new.
  9. If there is an updated one I would appreciate it, but I have found the P3 where you have shared it before. (I believe the date in it was 2016)
  10. My fiancé actually did this at the very beginning of the process since there was info that he needed from that. So he does have the long form birth certificate ready to go!
  11. My plan is to take all the information you and others have been sharing, and let my fiancé know what he needs to be doing during this transit time. Which is finish the DS 160 and patiently wait for P3(he just applied for police check, and i134 has been filled out and sent to him). Simply receiving the email that it’s been shipped to MTL is encouraging as well.
  12. CEAC still says “at NVC” but received an email just a few minutes ago that it has been sent to Montreal. I was even able to do the DHL hack, and it is already showing that shipment has been picked up. 👏😃
  13. Good news, just called NVC and was able to get a case number! Case arrived at NVC on 4/18/19. 👏
  14. You absolutely can. During one of my calls asking if my case had made it to NVC the guy actually told me to call as many times as I would like to check. Not all of them are rude, just ignore the ones that are.
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