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  1. Got 10 year green card mistakenly and filed I90 to get a corrected one,its been over 9 months since last update which was basically just the receipt. Is that within normal processing time or should I be worried? The case status shows "case is being actively reviewed by uscis". Any person experiences or insight?
  2. I think I understand the confusion now. You meant to say the employer forcing me to do it would be illegal and I misunderstood it as you saying me filling it out as being wrong. Im sorry if I offended or anything of the sort, I just wanted to mAke sure that I didn't have any half or wrong ideas or knowledge about I9. My main concern was to make sure im compliant with all the rules.
  3. In an earlier post,u said its illegal to do it before hire so I just wanted to mAke sure. I interpreted it as it's ok to complete it before the " date of hire". Like I didnt do anything wrong by filling it out in advance. ???
  4. I accepted the job offer and did all the paperwork (I9,everify,background check etc.) But never actually started the job and never got paid for anything because I found a better job in the meantime. Is that considered employment?
  5. Am I allowed to work from home for teleperformance as a conditional green card holder ? Any personal experiences?
  6. What to fill in part 3,item 1"location where you applied for your immigrant visa or AOS" and 2.Location where your immigrant visa issued or uscis office where AOS granted?.Thanks in advance
  7. Going through the I90 online and it doesnt show any option where I can specify what's wrong with my green card.Is there any way to add a cover letter or scan of the wrong green card (10 year card instead of 2 year) so they can know what's wrong.
  8. How can I send the card if im filing the form online? Anyone with personal experiences?
  9. Got wrong card back in September,now filing I90 online,do I need to upload a copy of the green card with the form? Do I need to pay a fee? Or just fill the form on uscis.com and hit submit? Will I get an rfe for the original green card? Please share personal experience and help.Thanks.
  10. Got my gc a month ago.I entered as a k1 and we got married and had our AOS interview under a year so I think we should have gotten a 2 year card.How to proceed with fixing it now ? I read about I90,can I file it online? Can I wait a month to file it while I get my driver license using it? If anyone has any personal experience please share and help me.
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