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  1. My stepson will attending the interview with his Aunt we have provided her with a Philippines Special Power of Attorney form signed by his mother ( my wife ) authenticated by the Philippine embassy for the purpose of attending embassy interview , all other visa requirements medical etc and to care for my wife's son ( medical, school etc) his Aunt was able to get his passport using this form. I have read this :https://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/VisasforChildren.html . Dose anyone have person experience having someone accompany their minor child to the interview IR2 ? will this form satisfy the US embassy requirement ?
  2. I have petitioned for my step child IR2 , there where some errors on the birth certificate that were corrected thru the courts, should I include the court papers also with the birth certificate ? the birth certificate mentions the corrections.
  3. Request = ask , I read and understood what you stated earlier, ,my reading comprehension is very high. What I am asking is re-schedule to a later date as in for whatever reason we can not make the appointment etc.
  4. can you request to have the interview, if needed ?
  5. is their an embassy fee before interview ?
  6. Thank you I had already read this and started up loading , as mention I have already paid the Application Processing Fee and the affidavit of Support Fee, is there another visa fee ? , if so where / when do I pay that ?
  7. I have paid the Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee and the affidavit of Support Fee, where do I pay the visa fee and do I have to pay the visa fee before I can be DQ or can I pay after ? , will interview still be scheduled if I have not paid fee ?
  8. I am submitting The NVC documents now, once that is approved. I understand the next step there is a fee to pay and more documents to upload , is this correct? , also for IR2 we would schedule our own interview ?.I am worried that there will an interview or medical they he could get to because of a lock down or that we could not fly in to the country to get him.I would like to have some control on scheduling tor rescheduling the interview . Any insight to this part of the process .
  9. As usual with most USCIS forms you download in PDF and type in , I had to end up hand writing in a few fields that grayed out ,in this case digital signing would not have worked.
  10. I-864 , 2.a asks for the principal immigrants mailing address , IR2 he is a minor , I would prefer to use my US address for the mailing address , because he is minor and the mail in his country is unreliable. Can/should I put my mailing address ( in care of my name ) in the US ? or will this confuse The NVC , since his interview will be at the embassy in his country.
  11. ah ok , I just paid the fee ,waiting to get in. I thought it was like the DS 5540 online my mistake.since I am taking my time submitting because of convid , if some thing changes on I 864 ( waiting on pay raise) before I submit ds 5540 can I delete I-864 and re upload?
  12. I am filling out on NVC CEAC online and submitting , are you saying I should also fill out a paper form and sign/send for interview.
  13. yes it is for petitioner's (my ) stepchild. I am submitting NVC so no forms to take to interview only DS 5540 if not mistaken, I may have not been clear enough in my wording ,I was asking if child's birth certificate , our marriage certificate ,my prior divorce papers ( do they need to be certified ?) .all have to be originals for interview ,I understand my passport is only copy ? if so I will DHL them, I will not be attending interview.
  14. Also, on part 5, #7 : would be 0 , count each person only once , you are #3 on the I-864 . On part 6, 24.a, put the total income that is on the married filing jointly tax return you both file together each year on both forms.
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