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  1. Right, I think AoS is another long process, if waiting for the IL will be just another year or so, and processing of L1 will be quicker than that, I guess just retaining our current petition is the option. Thanks for your thoughts! Hopefully will get more inputs from folks that had the same experience.
  2. Thanks, oh sorry for the confusion, yes I know the company will arrange everything, I guess I just wanted to know if waiting for an f2a interview doesn't hinder the chances of applying or getting approved of an L1 visa. So I'm assuming, if ever my wife gets the L1, and works here, then her F2a interview comes up in Manila, she just needs to go back and accomplish all the requirements in the Philippines, and once approved, go back to US and process whatever is needed with her company to transition.
  3. Hello everyone, I have an f2a petition for my spouse in Manila, we are already DQ'd (July22) and waiting for an IL which from the looks of it won't be available for another year or so basing on how the US Embassy in Manila moves. My wife is being offered an opportunity to apply for an L1-a Visa sponsorship by her company , how do we go about this process? Is it ok to proceed with taking the L1-A visa application while we are waiting for the Interview schedule? Hoping someone with similar experience can provide inputs. TIA
  4. oh, I stated "you wouldn't tell the cbp" since it's always been a visit purpose for her, she would always intend to comeback since my wife has a stable job and good career back home. We we're just looking for possible options, but if this route will jeopardize all our sacrifices, then this won't be part of it. Thank you for your thoughts!
  5. Ok, so this is illegal then, this clears it up, I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our 2+ years of wait considering we are just waiting for an interview. That's why I was asking here if this is even possible since the group is titled "Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas" why would this group be titled this way if tourists applying for AoS is illegal, just curious.
  6. I understand that's why I was asking for enlightenment, since I can see options for Tourist Visa to apply for AoS, even the Discussion Forum is titled as it is "Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas". Also looking at the I-485 form it has a field asking what type of visa you have and who is your relative (us citizen, LPR etc). That's why I'm confused with the AoS process.
  7. I know this is true, and the original purpose of travel is just to visit for a couple of months, just like she has visited me 2 times in the past 2years, and of course you wouldn't tell a cbp officer of that intent. but what if we decide to file for AoS during her stay? Is this possible?
  8. Hello everyone, Its been a while since I posted here, It has been a long journey for me and my wife. To give a background, I filed my petition (f2a spouse of LPR) for her last Feb 2020, our I30 got approved May 2022, we got DQ'd July 2022, we are just waiting for the interview schedule in Manila, but looking at the timelines I am worried that this might take another year or so due to the huge backlog in the Philippines. I will be visiting Manila this January and planning to take my wife with me so she could stay for 2-3 months in the US (She has a US tourist visa valid until 2029). The thing here is we don't want to be separated for a long time anymore it has been a long 2+years and we're not getting any younger. Question is, since our i-130 is already approved and we are just waiting for an interview, assuming we don't get an interview schedule by this year, if she visits here this coming January can we file for an adjustment of status? Is this possible or even a wise decision? I've been reading different things, I am hoping to get facts from people with the same experience. Hope to hear from you guys! Thanks
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