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  1. Dublin Embassy have cancelled visa appointments until further notice.
  2. Hi All, Finally got our interview letter today. Our interview is scheduled for April 14. Does anyone have any experience with requesting earlier dates? I’d ideally like to be in the US walker to take up a job offer. Thanks
  3. I used the rate on the day, rounded it and then approximated. So for €100, I’d put ~$115
  4. Hi All, We got our DQ in feb, does anyone know if the interviews slot are arbitrarily sent to the NVC or if there are set dates? I looked on the spreadsheet, but there's so few Dublin cases. Also, apart from expediting at the NVC level, is there any way to request an earlier interview slot? Thanks in advance!
  5. Can't believe i'm finally typing this but, DQ! First Submission: 15th Nov 19 Second Submission: 27th Dec DQ: 24th Feb
  6. The document needs to be orientated corrected when uploaded, so if it's a horizontal document, it should be uploaded that way. We had a mixture of documents and they were all accepted, just make sure it's the right way up.
  7. They didn't officially decline ours as i'm technically still under the Irish embassy, as I asked about expedition when I was requesting a change of embassy, they will only be taking my case when I get past the NVC stage. However, they alluded that it would most likely not be approved.
  8. I had spoken with the London embassy about expedition, they advised me that they only grant them on humanitarian grounds. My request was on financial grounds as my employment contract in Dublin ends in 2 weeks and i'll need to relocate to the UK and have my husband cover my expenses until I move to the US, additionally I have a job offer in D.C. that will expire soon, so as you can imagine, i'd have liked to not move countries twice in a few months and have the offer withdrawn. However, good luck with your request!
  9. We met all the requirements to use the EZ, but were asked to resubmit using 1-864, the reason given was loosely based around tax returns. We included 2018, but not 17&16 as my husband was living overseas with me during this period. The information we submitted on both forms was exactly the same, and cost us 9 weeks of additional waiting.
  10. We cover all the bases, we just explained very simply why he didn't file and when and gave evidence. No need to overcomplicate it. Just make sure you provide evidence!
  11. Very true, the smallest mistake can cost you 9 weeks! Better to be safe than sorry.
  12. We just wrote a very short letter stating why my husband didn't file and listing the years he didn't file, it was 3 lines, then signed and dated. We then provided proof (i.e. overseas student registration details) It was accepted by the NVC.
  13. @LilyJ, @MWhite and @Mr & Mrs T. I finally managed to convince him, with your help to amend his filings, we now have accurate W2's and 1040s for when we finally get an interview. Thanks!
  14. Sadly you go back to the end of the queue. We had to re-submit our AOS. 6 weeks and counting.
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