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  1. Thank you for support
  2. Hello everyone , I want to thank you all for help and support from button of my heart Today I am an new citizen of united states , I joined this website in 2011 and i am still here to support all my Visa Journey Community and friends . without your help we are nothing and we do thank you for support and love . Best wishes February 27, 2019 We scheduled your naturalization ceremony February 7, 2019 We approved your application February 7, 2019 You attended your interview January 3, 2019 We scheduled your interview January 2, 2019 We reviewed your biometrics December 15, 2018 We scheduled your biometrics appointment December 10, 2018 We received your application
  3. Thank you everyone today i am become new citizen of united states
  4. Thank you everyone I finally become new Citizen of united states , Thank you xyz1235 and Mitefa my friends
  5. oath ceremony in few days i will update again soon
  6. Wonderful Story congratulation pass the interview , Thank you for share this whole wonderful Story .
  7. Make sure leave some laugh for tomorrow lol its weekend by the way congratulation to be come new citizen please make sure Vote 2020 lol
  8. congratulation Mitefa . I am next now Yes Sir , I am next now
  9. My case is different them yours , but Every year i visit Mexico last visit was 2018 and they hold me in airport for no reason , them let me go i got green card and was stay in Mexico 2 weeks
  10. bestluck

    Naturalization Ceremony

    my ceremony in court so its won't be allowed guest to many just family and no Camera they have photographer already there will take couple picture
  11. Wait until later show up new one in documents if not them Its should be system error Maybe possible they changed your oath ceremony scheduled its normal
  12. depend on local office i have friend in VA has name was Mohammad too , whole process took 1 years to finished so its all about local office and background check , hope you hear good news soon . Good luck
  13. next 2 week is coming cant wait to over it .