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  1. Administrative process is nightmare hopefully you get approved right on spot but like others said will take some times to done good luck
  2. Dont worried about it just send an email to embassy and they will put you back to Admin so just wait and hang out there i know admin is nightmare
  3. I agree with you but he need to tell IO truth , but this could be delay his application too if it was me even i have no great relationship with my dad i might still ask him it just me and would call him .
  4. Why not called your dad ask him hello after 7 years how is life treat you and things going on after that asking him if he ever become american citizen just simple things if you clear to tell officers that you are not sure them they might put you on discussion cant be made or either approved just few minutes phone to your dad not gonna hurts anything at all Good luck
  5. by the way congratulation , and I think they will let you come to Jax I am living closed to Gainesville i ask if i can go to gainesville they said no i gotta do in jax court house good luck and let us know when is your interview and how is thing going .
  6. I am sorry that happen to you , you guys should contact to Embassy as soon as possible there should be an emergency phone number to call cos i know that will hold you guys until fix this problem. Best wishes
  7. Applicants Under the age of 26 Applicants for U.S. citizenship under the age of 26 should expect to have Form N-400 denied if they choose not to register for Selective Service. By making the decision not to register, the applicant is willfully failing to meet this obligation, and the USCIS officer will be forced to deny the N-400 application based on the applicant’s moral character. Applicants that are least age 18 and under the age of 26, can take action now to correct the problem. They can easily register for Selective Service by visiting www.sss.gov. Not sure if you have registered? Applicants can even create an instant Official Letter of Verification to get proof. Applicants Between 26 and 31 Years of Age N-400 applicants between 26 and 31 years of age may be ineligible for U.S. citizenship. Again, applicants that “knowingly and willfully failed to register” or simply refused to register for Selective Service, should expect to have Form N-400 denied. On the other hand, USCIS will allow the applicant an opportunity to show that he did not knowingly or willfully fail to register, or that he was not required to do so. Even if the reason for not registering was innocent, many immigration attorneys suggest it is better to wait until age 31 (if applying based on five years of permanent residence) or 29 (if applying based on three years of permanent residence while married to a U.S. citizen). The reasoning is that the applicant must show five years (or three years respectively) of good moral character. Applicants under the age of 31 that want to proceed with naturalization (rather than waiting) may do so. The applicant will need to present evidence that failing to register for selective service was an innocent oversight and that he did not “willfully” avoid the requirement. Applicants should submit the following three items with Form N-400 Good luck
  8. yes i am citizen i just did it permanent resident forum lol sorry
  9. sorry i must to forget to put in us citizens forum but thank you TboneTX
  10. don't get me wrong please but officer is not believe that you relationship is real just like your picture
  11. I didn't have my original birth certificate officer never ask for it but in case keep copy of it , No problem Good luck
  12. Hey guys , I am apply for my parents mother and father together , What is the minimum income to sponsor both my father and mother together ? can someone please send me link step by step go tho application and apply for them both in same times would be easy for me to do it and how long will take process please ? Thank you all
  13. did your mother pass the interview ? what happen ? after that
  14. did you ever received a photo from your oath ceremony ? photographer never send us anything been a month of oath ceremony in court who i might contact i need that picture of my ceremony ?
  15. You didn't make an sense , he is us citizen and looking for divorce help
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