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  1. I need marriage certificate from Pakistan its showing my mom is under age back in old days there were no computerize certificate i am talking about between 1970 to 80 i dont know how this going to be fix cos its showing that my mom were 11 that when my dad were 19 to marrying her lol thats funny
  2. hey everyone , my mother got mistake on her Government ID Card in Pakistan , she was born in 1960 instead ID Show born in 1970 , so 10 years different big mistake plus marriage certificate has hug different too in Marriage certificate has big age problem showing . How can i fix this with USCIS They already got information of my mom and date of birth when i was apply for us citizenship i cant change anything in Pakistan , is there any way for that please if someone already been tho this please let me know i am going to file i130 for my mom and dad as soon as possible please let me know how can i fix this to with uscis . Thanks
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