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  1. Hello, I hope someone can help me. I found an interview for my mother for her IR5 Visa, it's going to be on March 4, but the latest medical slot is on March 7; what do we do? should we call and ask the SLEC for her medical schedule? Can we request to give her a spot before her interview? Please help. Thank you
  2. No I have not. Do I need to contact them? And what should I say?
  3. Hi, I applied for my mother's IR-5 Visa, and I got approved for an expedite. CEAC says it is Ready. I wondered if the embassy drops their schedule slots at a particular time or day, or is it randomly posted? Right now, I don't see any schedules available.
  4. Hello, My mother's case has been DQ'd since April 30th. I am petitioning her to get her here in the USA . I am also a Naturalized citizen. I called NVC today and he said that the Manila Embassy isnt interviewing new cases, only the ones with the scheduled interview already that was cancelled due to covid. is this true? has anybody here who are DQ'd this year and got an embassy interview date yet? Its been more than a year since I started the process and we are still waiting.
  5. Hi everyone, I applied for my mother's petition and it got approved by USCIS March 27,2021. I sent all the docs and paid all the NVC fees. Last night i got an email to check my CEAC acct and the first message says i was Documentarily Qualified but I also received a message with exact same date and time that my income does not meet the minimum requirement. I attached my i485a with my documents and also under the Affidavit of support . The i485a i sent with my documents were accepted while the one under my husband's says "submitted". I am so confused. I know for sure that we are over 125% poverty guideline . What do they need more from me? and also I got an email saying that they will send my case to the US embassy to be lined up for interview, does it mean my mom is getting her interview appointment soon? is Manila U.S embassy open yet for that kind of visa? (ir5)? Please enlighten me. Thank you so much.
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