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  1. And would have created cost and paperwork to file years of US tax returns, FBARs and/or FATCAs, not to mention the risk of inadvertent US tax liability due to things like phantom currency gains, PFICs and foreign trusts. Perhaps when giving advice, we all —myself included— would be wise to remember that even though this is a DIY site, not everyone on VJ has the same financial situation and cost/benefit analysis, such that our advice should be given and, where appropriate, disclaimed accordingly.
  2. And aside from the immigration issues, and depending on the type and amount of assets being transferred, there could be IRS reporting requirements, gift or transfer taxes, and/or a stepped up basis on the investment.
  3. That is work. Even if unpaid. Her sister could, and should, have hired a (legal) caregiver if she needed help.
  4. Aside from the timing to get the visa, please consider how difficult it is for any woman to find an OB to take her as a new patient so late in the pregnancy which, in your case, would probably be even harder given increased liability risk for the OB (for a variety of reasons) as a result of her ex-US prenatal care. Also think about the cost of a delivery in the US and be sure her insurance (and insurance for the baby) is well in place before she sets foot in the US.
  5. There wouldn’t be much, if any, love if it required not working, not traveling, potentially not driving, and not having my clothes and shoes... so it’s a good thing the OP is not marrying me (and also the reason we went for an EB1 rather than an Elvis wedding in Vegas).
  6. Moving across the country is a little different. Most people leaving their homes permanently —- or at least for the duration of AOS— would need to quit a job, break a lease, sell their car, close bank and other accounts, pack or sell all of their belongings, say goodbye to friends and family... I personally can’t imagine the cost and aggravation just to replace my clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. if I packed to go somewhere for 90 days and ended up staying 6+ months.
  7. If you have navigated to ILR, you’ve got this. Good luck!
  8. Attorney Cann might consider reading a Warriner’s and running spellcheck on her professional website. The free advice you received is fully hedged and, also, appears predicated on the DNA results being included in the appellate filing, which is not the case.
  9. To close the loop on one thing: taxes MFS is Married filing separately, not Single. This is fine. No need to amend anything. Don’t say the word Single.
  10. I am struggling to understand the rest of your post but good luck with this plan. I’m sure it will work out for you.
  11. Have you posted your question on the UK Yankee site? They would be more knowledgeable about UK visa requirements.
  12. Even if she secures a visa that allows her to work, does she already have a US bar admission? Only a few (like Mass) have Foreign Lawyer Registration and even that limits scope of practice. Otherwise she’d need to sit for a bar — it’s common for international lawyers to do an LLM in the US then sit for NY. Or find a role where she is not practicing.
  13. The writer briefly introduces themselves to state their experience and qualifications, ie setting the stage for them being a recognized leader in their field that enables them to know and assess that you are similarly situated. And then they write about how they know you, your experience, accomplishments, etc. We asked people from different organizations, viewpoints and projects, and themselves in different fields. As an example, instead of 5 people in your field saying 5 times that you are ‘top of your field,’ ask a journalist or tv host to write about how many times they and others have interviewed you as an expert on health and fitness, and then list all of those interviews in your CV and put copies of the articles and a DVD of your sizzle reel in the dossier. For a fitness person, I imagine a high profile client would also be a good author, ie, ‘I am World Famous Movie Star and I am a devotee of this person’s method.’ Your lawyer should be advising and coaching you and the recommenders on the letters based on your field, and reading and asking for changes to ensure the EB criteria are adequately described to ensure success. That’s what you are paying an O1/EB1 lawyer for, not just to checklist and assemble the dossier.
  14. Totally agree you need a specialist lawyer and that the field of expertise may drive the content of the submission. For what it’s worth, I recall we asked 1 or 2 additional people to write for us to supplement the letters we already had from the O visa.
  15. And as we learned the hard way selling a house after becoming a US resident (via O1), there may be taxes due to the IRS on the sale of the home due to gains from currency fluctuation. You need a team of accountants with cross-border experience. We like GTN.
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