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  1. More than just the I-9, you need to pay the nanny taxes and issue payments properly for both your protection and the protection of your nanny. It’s not just illegal but also exploitative of the nanny(and house cleaners, and other domestic staff) for you not to do so, as it deprives them of legal protections now and critical social benefits like Medicare and Social Security later in life.
  2. Definitely talk to whoever has been preparing your US taxes while you’ve had a green card, as presumably they’ve been applying the treaty to your U.K. sourced income and are knowledgeable enough to make the switch over to US sourced income So you can (or get someone to) apply the credit against your HMRC Self-Assessment if you are required to do one.
  3. I would never suggest to make personal property into joint property, or doing any transaction that triggers a tax issue without getting strategic tax advice, but it is technically possible to be on the deed without being named on the mortgage. That said, if ever there was a time to refi a mortgage, this would seem to be it given current rates.
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