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  1. You are very welcome. Not all vets are aware of many of regulations, specially to those who are never involved for transporting animals. I am on board with you about transporting pets in the cabin. I refused to put them in the cargo. Too many horrific stories and my youngest cat was very close to me and he had to see me all the times to calm him down. We paid airlines fees for two cats (I believe it was $2500 total the whole one-way trip) , and the requirement was that we need a soft carrier in order to fit under seats. We also did not medicate our cats during our trip. And they both were fine after landed in the US. Wish you luck with your effort for your cat. It always bothers me when some people left their pets behind when they moved away and neglected them. Most of these poor pets eventually either ended-up in shelters or died for trying to survive. Keep me posted.
  2. I did blood work for my youngest cat because he was not old enough to get rabies vaccination. Unfortunately I can't speak French, therefore, I have my limits to help you regarding Pets Regulation in France by looking up online. What you can do is that you need to contact a government department (local or national) that handles animal welfare. I did a lot of research, months prior our leaving, and I knew which departments that handle those matters. I believe French Agriculture Ministry will be a right institution to get the correct answer. US Embassy in Paris does not involve bringing your pets to the US. So, it was just wasted of your time. You need to contact your local or national government to get a valid info. CDC/USDA, as I said, they don't really care. The immigration officer did not even take a glance to my papers. You also need to start asking which airline that allows you to bring your pets. Some of airlines banned transporting specific breed of cats and dogs. You need to be aware of that.
  3. Hello, I brought my two cats from Indonesia back in 2014. First, you should research what the requirement from your country regarding bring out pets. Indonesia was really strict about the requirement, unfortunately follow the rules from Britain. I had to complete the full vaccinations such as rabies and any other documents that were on the list. Second, keep in mind, the US is really pet-friendly country. Except, Hawaii and Guam, that require to quarantine your pets up to 3 months. Those state and territory are rabies-free. Other than that, bringing pets to the US was a breeze. I did not have a trouble to bring my two cats to the US. The immigration officer did not even ask my papers that I had a hard time to obtain. The only institution that asked me permission papers was the airline. And it was an Asian airline. The American ones did not care at all, lol. When I entered the immigration line, the officer just asked me," Is it a cat? I can see the paws sticking out". I said yes and in which he replied back," oh that's cute". And that was it. No question was asked about my pets during our connecting flights in the US. If you need more info, let me know.
  4. Don't worry. Most people here are ruthless.
  5. My 10-year- green card. The wait is over. I will filed N-400 on December. Good luck to everyone here who is still waiting.
  6. I sent I-751 with the tiniest package ever on this thread, no lawyer was involved, assembled the package by myself, no RFE and here I am. I received today my green card via mail. To those who are still waiting, yours will coming soon. Below was my tiny package for I-751.
  7. Hello everyone, I have got an email from USCIS. They have mailed my card already . * DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL *** There has been a recent processing action taken on your case. Receipt Number: WAC1726xxxxxxxx Application Type: I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On September 17, 2018, we mailed your new card for your Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE, Receipt Number WAC1726xxxxxx to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your card by October 2, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we send your new card to you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. This step applies to applications that result in an applicant receiving a card (such as a "green card") or other document (such as a naturalization certificate, employment authorization document, travel document, or advance parole). Applications will be in this step from the time the order to produce the card/document is given until the card/document is produced and mailed to the applicant. You can expect to receive your card/document within 30 days of the approval of your application. If you do not receive your document, please contact our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. Log-in to your myUSCIS account to view your case history and understand what you can expect to happen next on your case. Current processing times can be found on the USCIS website at under Check Processing Times.
  8. I just got a text a few minutes ago. My case was approved. I went check online and my status had changed. I filed at CSC.
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