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  1. Hello, Could anyone give me the link for expedite interview? my mother already at embassy stage and I want to file expedite interview. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I think it is depend on your embassy's availability. Some are faster some even longer. We got notification for interview after waiting for about 20 days. But again, maybe it depends on how busy your embassy.
  3. Hello all, I just get the the interview letter from NVC by email. Will that be enough to bring for medical exam or I have to wait the physical letter to arrive by mail? Thank you!
  4. Hello all, I just received an email from NVC stating that they will work with the embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia to get an interview date for my parent (IR5). Does anyone have any idea how long does it takes for the NVC to obtain the date? Thank you!
  5. you need to wait until everything is document qualified. After that, they will schedule for interview. Noted that every country has different waiting time so you might want to ask people from Brazil.
  6. When you reach the NVC stage, they will ask you to upload the proof of citizenship. I believe you can upload either one. I upload both in separate file just to make sure I upload everything. Those files get accepted.
  7. this is great news! and congrats to reach the interview stage 😍 I will keep praying that I will received the DQ notice no later than the end of January. Best of luck for you too
  8. wow..that is a long way to wait then. I re upload my docs on November 21. Lets just hope I hear anything before the end of the year. Thank you for your link by the way
  9. This is really helpful! Thank you! All of my documents are accepted on 11/18 and there is only one that still in "submitted" status until now... Anxious but optimistic! 😁
  10. I can say that now! My husband has 2 jobs, military and civilian job. Both offers insurance that less than $300/month. We go with the military one because I do not need referral every time I want to go to specialist.My job also offer insurance, less than $300 as well but not as good as military. Oh well, I will not complaint now for sure.
  11. Ok..well that just heart attack for me. We should be more thankful for what we have 😔
  12. Wow..that is really different than how they ask me to create IRS online account. For me, they only ask my social security number, how much was my 2017 W2 and where I used to live in the last 5 years. I guess every person get different questions? I also use H&R block back in 2016 and use turbotax going forward. I even make one for my husband because the questions are the same! well, you learn new thing everyday.
  13. $200/weekly is expensive...well, i guess it is better than nothing, right? 😊 I also beneficiary for my husband (also our daughter). We only pay $208/month; tricare is our insurance. I was complaining the other day why it is so expensive but I guess there are a lot of people out there with way more expensive health insurance 😥
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