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  1. Out of curiosity- do embassies make an extensive background checks for B1/B2applicants ? The question just have appeared during one conversation so I hope that experienced members might know . Thank you !
  2. And today we have a honest legal immigrant facing possible deportation because haven’t got an interview date in the mail asking for advices and help at the other part of our forum. I think I don’t have anything more to say . As more details I get the more I see how ironic that all seems to be.
  3. How good is that ? Especially stealing someone’s SSN? Not ethical at all and I guess the real owner of that SSN has a lot of consequences. Call me superficial but I think that AOS from anything( if for real reason not solely Green Card) is more honest then any kind of illegal residency, work or whatever they are doing in these cities.
  4. Agree with you and thank you for your comment. How to pay the taxes if they are illegal? Do they steal someone’s SSN or have a fake one ?
  5. Thank you for your clarification. No my friend was just an example to show how paradoxical situations could occur- don’t have any imminent friend here . I don’t think that people are upset , more surprised as in my case and my neighbors ( all USC) case. All of us here trying to do things legally ( yes even those from B2 , as it is still not against the law) while the others just “ jump over the fence “ or simply overstay their visa and “ here I am , I will be safe here for the rest of my life, no need to do AOS and waste my time and money “. As it still looks like that . About felons I really hope you are right . Maybe I sound bitter but this is not the case , just the way how I understand that . Every USC I have talked about this topic thinks that those cities need to be banned all over the country and this illegals need to be deported. But of course that is impossible to happen. So I think that USCs are more concerned about it then immigrants who are doing things lawfully.
  6. I agree with you ( unfortunately) . It is more then ironic situation that ( an example ) my neighbor’s young wife from Europe, honest woman by all means might be in danger of deportation if not fill AOS right after the marriage, but multiple felon , an illegal alien is not in danger at all. Just because the young wife lives here in Montana, the felon enjoys his life in sanctuary city thinking of more criminal activity. How great is that for this country? And totally unfair for tax payers and homey legal immigrants. Makes me sad .
  7. In my eyes they are all above bad , will not mention what I actually think about those who live there and the others who allowed them . I just hope there will be some way to stop that as this is total degradation of that part of society.
  8. I am so sorry. I just wonder what makes local politicians think this is a right thing to do .
  9. Thank you ! What are your thoughts about that?
  10. I have just discussed a bit about these cities with my husband and some neighbors and they aren’t really sure who is accepted to live there ( only illegal immigrants or just everyone) and what is the real reason of their existence? So if you know , please explain. Thank you !
  11. The first thought on my mind was - the possibility of a new law which would target all visa overstayers. Even in this case it is not a classic visa overstay but the OPs wife was undocumented . And I was so upset because of my 2 weeks overstay. I guess that guys were very nonchalant.
  12. We had just a court house wedding with 2 friends as witnesses, later on went to a bar and ate pizza . A few pictures from that courthouse ceremony are the only pictures in our AOS package and we asked our witnesses to make a notarized affidavit for us . That is all and I hope enough.
  13. Well in your wife’s case it is better to apply for the citizenship. My case is different ( husband is older too , but I am not young myself) when he heads ( if before me ) to the sky immigration forum I am definitely going back .
  14. I certainly don’t! And , to be honest I would like to avoid all that stress ( maybe for nothing if denied) which comes with N-400 . This AOS now and removing conditions are more then enough for me . My one and only reason I am here is my husband. With all respect to future citizens if not required by the law , I prefer to stay European.
  15. Yes it is a big one. It is an officer’s discretion to allow you entrance to the country of course- but I don’t see the issue if a person obeys the American laws by all means ( not even traffic problems) . The same goes for the fear of possible deportation. I hope that you agree if someone lives a quiet honest life - no need to be afraid that one morning an ICE agent might appear with a pair of handcuffs and the deportation order.
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