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  1. One more reason to stay a LPR for good ( if someone decides so ) .
  2. We got married on B1/B2 ( approved on the spot btw ) . Would I recommend this- of course not ! Not only because it means using the loophole in immigration law but because it is very stressful for people who have to quit their jobs, organize their affairs, decide what to do with the pets back home etc etc ... all that long distance from here . We had our reasons as well as many proofs that my intention was to return back to Norway. So I am not fan of B2-AOS either but life forces you sometimes. The reason of my post is : people and their situations are really different. Not everyone’s dream is to live here, become a citizen and possibly apply for their family members later ( again , life is strange sometimes). And I truly believe that not all K1-s or CR1 -s are done without solely intentions just to step on the US soil ( sorry if that sounds rude ). That being said I think that we can discuss people’s intents till eternity we will never find a real reason. Until this loophole in the law exists, people will do AOS , wether we like that or not .
  3. The officer was great and friendly but professional. Confirmed data from I-485, asked how we met and if my husband has visited me , yes no questions,asked me to give her some proofs not already submitted , told me that I did great work with it and congratulated me. That was it !
  4. Thank you all ! Approved on the spot ! Great lady IO , interview was 30 mins and more as a conversation. Great experience!
  5. I know all what has happened in our lives of course. Just dates in my adress and work history as well as the exact dates of my 1st marriage and divorce are bothering me . Never cared about learning this . I hope our IO will be normal person.
  6. Do you have to know all of the dates - I am fine with birthdays and date of marriage but employment history is hard to remember exact dates
  7. No we did not have any lawyer. Just gather all you can ,everything in both names counts! I wish you good luck! 😃
  8. I think that processing times are longer . I got my SSN last week and have interview this week . Have waited 6 months . Well I am adjusting from B2 .
  9. Since our interview is soon too I might suggest you to try to make a joint account at Western Security Bank or Wells Fargo . I did not have SSN at the time we opened our accounts and they asked only for my passport. Also, I suggest to ask your friend to write a statement that you rent from him and notarize the statement. Ask some friends for affidavits that you are real couple ( also notarized) .You may have health , life , vehicle insurance with both names . Also letters from your / her family , joint membership in Sams club or Costco or maybe a gym . That is something I can think of . The other members will add more . I wish you good luck ! 😃 ,
  10. I don’t have a cover letter . I have folders with all originals and copies . According to the pictures we just have some from our wedding and some from various places we have been , average photos on paper with written date and place where the photo was taken . I have just typed on the paper like “ pictures “ , “ utility bills “ , “ deed “ etc ...at every folder so I know exactly where is something. All the folders will be packed in the huge paper bag . This is the easiest way for me to be able to find everything in just very short time . I didn’t make a cover letter for AOS package either and everything was great without RFE..
  11. Thank you! We will ( if I get my Green card ) put my name on some vehicle titles after I get my driver license and of course will fill taxes jointly .We were just got married this year so my husband has filled 2018 taxes as single.
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