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  1. I’m in the Seattle area and still waiting too. It’s been a little over a year and I really hope I’ll get my interview letter soon. Seattle office is so slow though 😔
  2. I filed mine last April and got my EAD/AP in August. It wasn’t too long of a wait but definitely find something to do. I did a volunteer work and I think it’s a good thing to add to his American resume.
  3. So I just realized I might have accidentally threw away my I-485 receipt notice because I can’t find it and what is worse is I don’t have copies either 😢 I do still have the biometrics appointment letter though and now I’m stressing out about the renewal of my EAD even though I have only received it last month. I’m afraid my AOS process will take forever since it seems like the Seattle office is so backlogged. Has anyone else ever had experience renewing the EAD without including your I-485 receipt notice because you lost yours? Will the biometrics appointment letter work in lieu of the lost I485 receipt as proof that we have pending AOS or do you have to pay the EAD fee? Thank you!
  4. Woke up to an email from USCIS that my EAD card is in production yay! 115 days after the NOA date. Good luck to everyone else who are still waiting. Fingers crossed yours will come through soon 🤞🏻
  5. Oh yeah I drove past Puyallup before. Renton is pretty nice. Lots of trees. Stores like Ikea and asian market which really helps since I’m asian. Pretty close to the Southcenter mall too.The rent here ain’t cheap tho. We’re only able to afford it cause we have two roommates lol.
  6. Hey I live in Washington state too! All we can do is just hang in there. I don’t expect to get the AOS interview until next year to be honest cause the Seattle office seems so backlogged. But I really really hope the EAD/AP will come through soon.
  7. I think it might depend on where you live. I didn’t have a problem getting the SSN after marriage with my married name. I’m guessing the officer was familiar with the K1 situation cause I live in Renton WA where there is a lot of immigrants.
  8. I sent 3 copies of marriage certificate for each application to prove name change as I’m applying using my married name.
  9. Yes you only need to do another medical if you file your AOS within more than a year after you did your medical for K1 visa. If USCIS doesn’t specifically ask for it on the interview letter then you should be good to go.
  10. Sent off my AOS package today. Just wanted to wish everyone here good luck and much strength for another round of waiting game
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