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  1. Hi there! No, I didn't. We appealed on the basis of an USCIS error. My husband wanted to remove his second last name. That's how it appears on the certificate, without the second last name. They informed us that since a name was removed and not changed per say, the name that appeared on the certificate is his legal name and we don't need a name change document. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Let me know if this isn't clear.
  2. An error was made on my husband's Naturalization Certificate. He filed for a replacement in July. A situation has come up where he may qualify for an expedite. Is there any way to request an expedite online? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hello everyone! Long story short, my husband had to apply for a naturalization certificate replacement due to a USCIS error. So far everything has been smooth sailing. Friday he has his biometric appointment in Alexandria, Virginia. Does anyone know what we should expect?
  4. How do you know that no judge was present? I'm not challenging you. I'm just curious.
  5. Hello @Scandi I hope you are well! I just wanted to provide you with an update on this, in case you run into this question again in the future. I also think it will help any future readers of this thread. I spoke with an IO manager and he told me that where you take your oath absolutely affects whether your name has been legally changed. You can only have your named changed at a judicial ceremony with anauthorized federal judge present. This type of oath ceremony takes place in a courthouse (or Zoom during COVID-19). Once he found out that my husband took his oath at the Fairfax USCIS office he immediately informed me that no name change took place. That's why we didn't receive the N-662. I hope this is helpful. Take care and I wish you a smooth visa journey.
  6. Good morning, On March 27th my husband took his oath as a US Citizen. He opted to get his name change. Although his new name appears on his naturalization form, we're more than a month out of his ceremony has not received the N-662 proof of a name change document, although he received the Naturalization certificate immediately. Any suggestions on what we should so? THANK YOU!
  7. Sorry, I'm late to this. Thanks for your response. This didn't happen. That's why I'm concerned. We're more than a month out of his ceremony and still have no proof of name change, although he received the Naturalization certificate immediately. 😟
  8. Good afternoon! My husband took his oath for US citizenship on March 17, 2021. He requested for his name to be changed. His oath ceremony was held at Washington DC USCIS office. However, since the oath ceremony didn't take place at a courthouse, he has not received a legal document regarding his name change. Although, his new name does appear on his naturalization certificate. Will the naturalization certificate be sufficient for him to update his social security card with his new name? Or will a name change document be arriving in the mail? Thank you!
  9. Your Interview Letter Your Passport that has your original Visa and that shows all of your intl trips in the last 5 years. Your Driver's License/State ID Green Card It's highly advisable that you also bring tax transcripts from the last 5 years and any documents proving that you've resolved any traffic violations if you have any.
  10. THANK YOU! 😊 The modified oath doesn't appear to have increased processing time at all. Very happy about that. He explained his reasons and the IO was very understanding.
  11. Thank you @Scandi I can relate to what you're saying.
  12. Hello Everyone! My sincere gratitude for all the help that you offered in these months leading up to my husband's Citizenship interview. Our journey has come to an end! March 16th was my husband's interview. Here's a little about our experience: If you are scheduled for the Fairfax office, there is free parking in front of the building. But it is limited, so you must arrive early. My husband went to the entrance 15 minutes before his interview as instructed in the letter. He said that he was let in and passed through security. Here is the interesting thing: you are not only allowed to have your cellphone, but it is the way you will be called for the interview. My husband turned his off and the IO had to walk downstairs to get him. Oops. He said that she was EXTREMELY friendly. She made him feel at ease. She started right away with the civic questions. From what he could remember they were: Who is the father of our country? Name one Native American tribe. Name one branch of the federal government. What is one freedom guaranteed in the Bill of Rights? He couldn't remember the others. But he got them all right. She told him to write on an iPad. "Everyone wants to vote." I can't remember what the reading question was. She asked him about our last trip and got excited when he said Mexico. She's heard a lot about Tulum. 😄 She asked about his current address, employment, job, what I do and where I work and she asked him about his history paying taxes. She didn't ask for our tax transcripts although we had them ready. She asked him about a traffic citation that he had and was pleased that he brought the original paperwork and fine payment receipt. So bring any paperwork. This makes a good impression. You all were right, she did not ask for my birth certificate at all. After that she asked the final oath questions (he had a modified oath), and cleared up some things on the form, then she congratulated him! We were over the moon when he told me the good news. I was waiting in the car. hahaha Another thing to note Washington DC folks--the ceremony was the next day! So, it may be a good idea to take off two days from work instead of just one. We were very happy about this. We just booked another night at our hotel and called my husband's job. They were thrilled and happily gave him the day off. Today was the super quick oath ceremony. The officials apologized for a more subdued ceremony and congratulated each new citizen. And then we were on our way! It's absolutely surreal that his journey from K1 visa holder to citizen is over just like that! This site has been an immense help! Thank you to each one of you for help, answers and reviews. We could not have done it so affordably without you. For those still waiting, I wish you the best. You're at the final stretch. I'm happy to answer any questions. A peaceful journey to all!
  13. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Thank you so much! I thought this might be the case. Thanks so much for this detailed response!
  14. Unfortunately, the interview is on Tuesday. 😟 I didn't submit it with the packet.
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