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  1. Yes, its clear. My i-864 is apparent im the petitioner. I just wanted some advice. Tnx
  2. greetings, May I ask you a question? I have been thinking, about my situation with my husband. I was kind of embarrassed to ask openly on the forum. I know that we are here to help one another and to learn. However, if I may ask this and if you can answer I would be thankful. I live in Georgia. My sister receives a widow's benefit on a monthly basis and a retirement check. Her yearly combined income is $31,800. That is good where we live. She really wants to sponsor my husband (im the baby of the family and she feels obligated to do so). My daughter does live with me until her husband finish his pastoral training overseas. My daughter wants to sponsor him as well. Her income is $39,872 a year. Can I use them both a sponsorship to help me? My husband already has a job offer lined up here. I appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your reply. So, I need to send this through DHL? As, I have stated I sent my husband with all of the information but he really didn't explain to them. So in order to update, I will do the cover sheet as directed, above in your reply etc.... and send that through DHL? My daughter's income is no where near the poverty line, she is above. My sister receives a widow benefit and her early retirement (2 incomes), that is why I decided to let my daughter offer to sponsor her step dad.
  4. My husband has his interview on February 09, 2021. When we uploaded everything at NVC, last year my sister was going to be a joint sponsor. My daughter lives with me and we have decided that she will be doing a i-864a. So we corrected everything and sent it to my husband. My husband was asked who was xxx, he said that was my sister. He didn't even tell them that we wanted to use my daughter who is living with me. So on the paper that they checked it is asking for the joint sponsor's 2019 tax transcript and w2. How do I get in touch with the embassy in Lagos and let them know that we want to use my daughter and that we have signed a contract? My sister doesn't pay taxes, nor do she has a w2. This is not the reason for us doing this. My daughter's income is pretty good and she volunteered after the fact. Thank you so much in advance. P:S due to a boating accident a few years ago my husband Studdard a lot as well as he is anxious... Do we email the embassy and ask that she be added? Or just drop it off at DHL??
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