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  1. Hi, this is a pretty vague question and it does vary a lot depending on every single case. So I would like to invite you to check here: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos And also, download the instructions of every form from USCIS, it is the most official, and a lot of parts are even precised line by line. Good luck!:)
  2. If you are currently F1 and got married, and both of you in the U.S. then you are eligible to submit these forms together.
  3. Sure, but if it's not about this topic of termination of F-1, you can open a new topic with your questions to get more chances to have a responses.
  4. Hello So here's my experiences: as being approved of change of status, typically the SEVIS will automatically terminate the F or M status after a while. If not, the International student officer can also terminate manually by leaving the notes "status change approved". Good luck!
  5. Hi, thank you for your reply. I already updated to my school. I'll update if anything else I will need to do.
  6. Hello, I adjusted my status from F-1 to Permanent resident, got approved, and I received my resident card last week. I am wondering what should I do to terminate my F-1 with school? I was reaching out my school's international affairs office, but the DOS said that they need to wait for an automatic update by USCIS on the SEVIS system, so they can terminate after. Much appreciated if you can share your experiences!Thank you and good luck to all!:)
  7. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    I received my resident card today and the online status saying still "card is being produced". Maybe there are so many updates everyday and sometimes it could be possible to be stuck somewhere. But after I received my i-797, I received my resident card 2 business days later. So be hopeful. and good luck!
  8. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    Hello all, Today, I received my resident card in the mailbox, USPS priority mail. just like the work permit mail standard. It was a surprise for me, because my online status stays "new card is being produced" even I received my card today. But I checked again the other members timelines that similar with me, and I found out that some of them already received their cards yesterday, so I suppose,even not sure at that time, that I might have slice chance to receive my card today. Plus, my work permit, produced in Friday, and arrived in the mailbox next Saturday, which is the totally same length of my resident card. So, if you really want to estimate your timelines, use the immigration timelines on this forum, it turns out to be very helpful during my whole AOS journey, and I successfully estimate the work permit and also the resident card. The online updates can be accurate in most of times, but also can be tardive or even stuck somewhere, so check it, but do not totally rely on it. Again, thank you for all and let's share our journeys to help each others, the more we share, the smother the journey will be. Good luck to all!!!
  9. I used rush translate, the price is higher, but faster if you are in rush.
  10. Yes try a translation company or a friend who knows both language that can certify for you. I got a RFIE because of the translation doesn't show any certification and I sent back with a certified translation from a online translation company.
  11. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    Sorry I can not provide more information since I am not adjusted from K1, Can somebody else adjusted from K1 can help her? @Réina17 @hjriach
  12. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    Yes you NEED do submit as well the form i-130. The i-130 is filled by the petitioner, and i-130a is filled by the beneficiary. And, also do not forget the form G325, which is generally required to be submitted with your i-485. So basically it should be : i-485 g-325 i-130 (not sure for k1) i-130a (not sure for k1) i-864 last year's tax returns transcripts current year's income evidence (such as a letter from employer indicating current year income) i-765 i-131 and all other required attached documents, such as identity photos, bona fide evidences, i-94, copies of your passport and visa, etc. Make sure to read very carefully the instructions of these forms. the instructions can be downloaded on uscis website. Good luck!
  13. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    Yes it is required to be attached with i-130. Filed by the beneficiary.
  14. LaughingBuddha

    AOS June 2017 Filers!

    Yes, oddly I feel like the online updates generally work well. just sometimes it skips over some status, for example, my i-485 status changed from "RFIE was received" directly to "interview was scheduled", without "ready to schedule a interview".