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  1. Yes married now to him. Black America
  2. Nigeria....yes I believe you should be fine since is yet to be processed. Are you on k1 or cr1
  3. Hopefully you will get luck. My fiance then withdrew our petition at the embassy stage due to misunderstanding and wrote back in less than 8hours to cancel the withdrawal but I was still denied the visa due to that....given us the condition to go get married if we truly resolved it and refile. I hope yours fine
  4. I am confused...when you said IV, I thought is immigrant visa, so why would you need a return ticket, aren't you going with the intention to stay? Please make me understand
  5. Congratulations... We are looking forward for ours too soon by God's grace..
  6. Open an email or make sure your email address carries the first name and the last name as it is written in the passport before you will be able to register...eg if you name is Lucy Jackson.....email address can be lucyjackson20000@gmail or Yahoo etc.. just make sure it carries both names. Hope this will help.
  7. That I really don't know but hopefully it is a good sign. Are you November filer too.
  8. Just trying to make sure I was right cos I don't want to miss any documents. I heard some country consider adult at 21. Thank you everyone
  9. I really didn't get but I mean we will be going together because is CR1 and CR2. I was asking to know if other parent consent will be among documents that we will taking to the interview. I hope you understand me now. Thank you
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