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  1. Congratulations. I have not gotten to the stage so can't really help but you can follow the instructions to guide. Read through. When did you receive the letter. Also when was your DQ date. Thank you.
  2. Hmm if you get it 7 months, that's means things have change for the better. We have been waiting since October 2021 date of DQ. Hoping we get letter this week by God's grace
  3. Please house Any information concerning the backlog in US embassy. What month are they now. October 2021 DQ still waiting. Thank you
  4. I don't mean to scare you but you still have a long wait, except things change. We were DQ in October 2021 and still waiting but hopefully we will be called soon by God's grace.
  5. Is there anyone that has received letter this January 2023. Thank you.
  6. Yeah there is no connection but people are messing with his head because they see his frustration
  7. I think because of the long waiting and he is being frustrated and tired. Going to 3 years wedding anniversary in February. Our filing date is since november 2020.
  8. I wasn't really thinking into it but my husband. He is a black American and I am a Nigerian, he believes his people are right.
  9. Thank you everyone for the clarifications. It really helps.
  10. Happy new year in advance House. Please I need someone to clear this confusion for me. People have been telling my husband that our marriage is not yet legal recognised in America until I get there or have my green card. They said it does not matter if we had filed and waiting for interview, my husband can go and collect marriage licence to marry someone else and he will give it. Please is this true. Thank you.
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