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  1. Asking for a friend (no, really)... My friend came with a fiancee visa from Mexico, and brought her 2 kids with her. She and her new husband consulted a lawyer, and they believe that, in order to get more money, the lawyer told them that SHE needed to file first, then her kids would do it. So she already has a ssn but she doesn't know if the lawyer filed the kids documents. The thing is that she and her husband are not getting along well, they've been together for 2 years and she insults her and she's a bit afraid of him. I think it's a really toxic relationship, and will not end well. Anyway, my question is what if she takes her kids and gets a job (which he doesn't let her do because he says if she does taxes he will have to pay a lot of money), but what about the kids' documents? Can she keep them here and file to make them residents? I believe she would need to be a citizen first and to do that, she needs to wait for 5 years, but how can she keep the kids here? With a tourist visa and renewing every 6 months? Thanks a bunch!
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