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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Do I have to do this all over again?   
    He is being civil what's wrong with you?
    You could explain how an American lawyer ends up working in the ukraine.
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    chri'stina reacted to LaL in Do I have to do this all over again?   
    Sorry I couldn't please ya! Ta!
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    chri'stina got a reaction from ~PalmTreeGurl~ in Gender-creative children? WTF? What will the DFH's think of next?   
    I was homeschooled from kindergarten to 4th grade. Then went to private schools(no, we didn't actually have money, other people paid for us). The only thing is that neither of my parents were nerds hehe, and my mom wasn't cut out for teaching me and my sister all day. But she must have done well since she taught us how to read and do math and all that stuff you are supposed to know. We had to take the yearly SATs at a nearby school, while home schooled. I think even with my mom not being the best teacher ever, I scored high and did well in school for the rest of my life. But it depends on the individual child. Me and my sister didn't score the same even with the same mom as teacher. And as for the social part, we weren't isolated. We had church activities, friends and cousins. If we had never seen other kids, I don't think my mom would have done it. She did it because she knew a bunch of people trying it.
    I went to a public college and then university after high school.
    As for me, even though I turned out more nerdy than the rest of my family, I don't see myself homeschooling my son as of now. I like learning but I don't think I could be a full time teacher. But I also don't like the idea of public school, especially when he is older.
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Why do the ring wing love Israel ?   
    Because allowing the forces aligned against the state of Israel to prevail would mean another Holocaust.
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    chri'stina reacted to Nasturtium in Gender-creative children? WTF? What will the DFH's think of next?   
    I plan to homeschool my kids. Homeschooling has to follow a certain curriculum by the state, and the kids generally score much higher on their exit exams. The advantage is you don't have to have your children engulfed in a sea of idiots and misinformation (anf fyi I've been working in public schools for 2 years now and have met the most... interesting... children and teachers). You can also go above and beyond so much easier. I know my parents let me read scientific journals as a child, and I remember going to the university library and having my dad check out all kinds of things for me in addition to reading their books-- like the Hobbit and LOTR trilogy which I did over 2 weeks one summer at age 7. I mean it was nice. If you could work at your own pace with your children, then you can move on to additional things they may be interested in. I know my parents were nerds, we're nerds, and I am going to do my best to also raise nerds. This is in addition to teaching them about physical education/having them run free/play and be involved in other pursuits. Here elementary children get social studies (history, etc) for 15 minutes twice a week. Science is the same duration and frequency. That is unacceptable to me. In addition, secondary schools are now stopping US history and government here as well. Ridiculous.
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    chri'stina reacted to scandal in Gender-creative children? WTF? What will the DFH's think of next?   
    Well written, Tamara. It's good of you to stick up for your beliefs despite the bully crowd that tends to show up on these threads.
    Fwiw, I'm not personally into home schooling, but two of my coworkers are home schooling their kids. Neither is a granola eating tree hugger, both are highly functional professionals at a prop trading firm, and their kids are doing just fine - thanks for asking.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from in Thank you iSheep in advance!   
    I have sold and bought many many things on Ebay over the years, always through paypal. I am sure it'll be fine. Just make sure you get insurance next time to not have to worry about it.
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Poll: Is Obama's Re-Election Guaranteed due to Success of Seals?   
    I see too many middle class people in my every day life to believe that ####### about the class not existing.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Marilyn. in Trump: "I'm much richer than everyone thinks. I'm worth more than $7 billion."   
    Let's see, yes I have watched that show along with survivor(but not this season), American Idol, some other reality shows too. People watch shows they enjoy. I am a lot younger than you, so you can blame my immaturity.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Kathryn41 in Thank you iSheep in advance!   
    I have sold and bought many many things on Ebay over the years, always through paypal. I am sure it'll be fine. Just make sure you get insurance next time to not have to worry about it.
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Petitioners and beneficiaries - Stop whining about the government shutdown!   
    You're navigating through a system that already has a lot of variability built in when it comes to how long your petition or application takes from filing to approval. Which service center your petition goes to. Which consulate your approved petition goes to. The day of the freakin' week the service center receives your petition. Whether you paid by check or money order. Whether the foreign beneficiary can get a medical appointment in a timely manner or not. Whether the asswipes who share a country with the foreign beneficiary feel like blowing up a bus stand or start a riot the day before the interview. I could go on but you get the point. There are already a million different things that cause each one of us to have a slightly different timeline than the other.
    And you want to whine about the government shutdown?
    It is but one more variable in a long series of many. And it isn't even the most impactful.
    So stfu about the shutdown already. This shutdown debate is about something a lot bigger than you or I.
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Petitioners and beneficiaries - Stop whining about the government shutdown!   
    I'm not affected. They can whine all they want. But a little perspective never hurt nobody.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Ms. Squirrel in nessa's expecting!   
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    chri'stina reacted to SMR in "Slavery was the primary, central, cause of secession"   
    The reason I believe that the Civil War was not about slavery is not that secession was not about slavery. It more or less was. However, neither Lincoln as an individual nor the North collectively went to war to free the slaves or stop slavery. The North went to war to assert the authority of the federal government and to assert that states did not have the authority to secede. Further, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation as a measure of economic warfare, not as an assertion of human rights.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in Should I get pregnant?   
    I personally wouldn't plan on getting pregnant if there are financial issues to deal with already. If someone happens to get pregnant unplanned then I think it's an added family member and you will find a way to work it out (because I think children are a gift).
    Sometimes opinions on finances differ even between spouses. I think we are doing well and can afford a 2nd child while my husband is more hesitant. I stay at home with our 3 yr old.
    But then I also think about things we have to do in life, like visiting family in India(we just visited a couple weeks ago, 3rd year in a row). Another child means another airfare, another child to look after, another sleeping spot needed. So after those trips, I can't imagine having more than one. Eventually that feeling fades and I want my son to have a sibling. But still not really sure if it's going to happen. Meanwhile I have friends who aren't doing well financially purposely getting pregnant soon after having one already and I can't relate to why they want to do that, although they love their current child(ren) a lot so they must just want to add more to their family to share more love. They also don't have family on the other side of the world they have to visit.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Ms. Squirrel in How to have a rational discussion   
    Republican, Democrat, Independent....God bless you all!
    (now it has a religious and political tone, so leave it! )
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in Should I get pregnant?   
    If you have the baby today you're gonna have it for at least 18 years and maybe a little more. Your financial status today may be a harbinger of things to come or it may be a blip in an upwards journey that will end with you on the cover of Fortune magazine. Or something in the middle. You should decides based not only on what is today but on what you believe will be tomorrow. JMHO.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Marilyn. in Why did Allah create Tsunamis and earthquakes?   
    I think if any question was going to be asked, you have to go deeper into why did Allah create the world in a way that has so many layers and moving plates? I haven't studied those kinds of things in a long time. I did always like that kind of stuff though. Is there a beneficial purpose to moving plates? Whether in a creation or evolution viewpoint? Or are they that way to terrorize us humans by moving around, causing earthquakes and tsunamis?
    I guess if we were all programmed robots who only did good, on a planet controlled by never failing controls for constant stability and happiness, then things would be as you wish L.I. and you'd have no brain or heart to make decisions for yourself with. You will just do what you are programmed to do.
    As a human, I wouldn't like it if my child only loved me because I programmed him to love me and not because he decided to love me on his own. Despite the other hard things that could come along with me allowing things to be as they are, or could be, on their own naturally.
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    chri'stina got a reaction from ^_^ in Islamists Dominate DOJ's List of Terror Prosecutions   
    If destroying America is not the goal of the "others", they are still willing to destroy Americans! If they are targeting a politician, it seems they don't care if other innocent American people die too. Not patriotic!
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    chri'stina got a reaction from Danno in Why did Allah create Tsunamis and earthquakes?   
    For some people all it takes is for them to stub their pinky toe to become atheists. How could God let that happen to them?? Let's call the waaambulance, shall we? I have the number.
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    chri'stina reacted to ^_^ in No More Expats?   
    My vote is to let it die.
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    chri'stina reacted to Gary and Alla in No More Expats?   
    I never went there but I heard that it was pretty much a sh*thole. Which is why I never went.
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    chri'stina reacted to Jenn! in Who do you want running this country?   
    "Goodness without knowledge... is weak and feeble, yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous.... Both united form the noblest character and lay the surest foundation of usefulness to mankind."
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    chri'stina got a reaction from KaiserD in CBS correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in Egypt   
    I find it disturbing when a topic like this has hardly any people acting concerned about the victim and instead making jokes or non-caring comments. People can't even say "wow that is horrible for her". Amby did say that...haven't seen any care from the others replying.
    (It's happened with other threads too. We aren't supposed to care about the actual article if it's being used to try to make another poster look wrong or continue an ongoing debate like guns. It's gross to me. Like the recent thread about the mom in FL who killed her kids. Very sad.)
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