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Newly married couple with six-year-old child
11:17 am February 17, 2015



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Hello everyone! I am trying to find others who have a similar situation. We've been living together in Istanbul for 8 years and have a 6-year-old son together, but we just got married last month. I have been offered a great job in NYC which I plan to move back there and start work next week. How can I get my husband there as quickly as possible? I need him to help take care of our son. Thank you everybody and good luck with

your own visas as well!

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please help me understand this
2:16 pm February 15, 2015


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Hi so I received a rfe after submitting documents for adjustment of status for my fiance. It stated that my joint sponor didn't make the required guideline. Im confused because he makes over that amount. I myself make 20k and i send the evidence to them.Also they are asking for things he cannot supply because he is retired like w2, pay stud, employee letter.I did send his last 3 years tax transcripts.I also sent an attachment saying he is retired with pension and social security. Im not sure what to do

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9:57 pm February 14, 2015



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how much is the DS-261 fee ?

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Bank statements
2:28 pm February 13, 2015



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I seem to remember reading at some point that I would need to bring bank statements to the consular interview, but when I reviewed the "prepare supporting documents" and "prepare for the interview" sections of the Department of State website today, I did not see any comments about this. Does anyone know if this is a requirement for DV applicants?


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1:59 pm February 13, 2015



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My family and I have our medical exam tomorrow and are a bit nervous about the vaccines. Our daughter's vaccinations are up to date but neither I nor my wife have our vaccine records available. Because of that, it looks like we will each have to do 10-11 vaccines in one go. This is probably more of a question for a health forum, but has anyone done so many vaccines in one day, and is there any reason to be worried regarding any potential adverse health effects? Would we each get 10-11 separate needle shots or are some of the vaccinations combined? Will the doctor be able to do an antibody test and determine which vaccines we would not have to take, or would we just have to do all of them in the absence of a record?

My wife has the beginnings of a cold as of today, and I have heard it is not recommended for sick people to take shots. Does anyone know if this is true? What if it is the doctor's medical opinion that we delay the shots? Would we have to reschedule the consulate interview as well (our interview date is only around two weeks away, and we were told the clinic would take around a week to prepare the medical exam results)? If so, would we have to call and reschedule, or would we just show up with what we have and the visa officer would determine if they would postpone the interview/assign a new date?

TIA for any feedback you may be able to provide.

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Pages: First 128 129 130 131 132   (Viewing page 130 of 132 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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