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  1. Well, we are not non turkish... my husband is a turkish citizen who was born in Germany. But he does not have any residency or citizenship in Germany at all. They brought him to Turkey a few months after being born. I emailed the embassy and I sent NVC multiple inquiries just stating our situation, that we were not non turkish -- just in case there actually were two separate lines. Who knows if it helped or not, no one ever answered me.
  2. Hi everyone!! We got DQ'ed October 12th. Waiting on our interview letter now. We are waiting for an interview in Ankara, Turkey -- does anyone know anything about that embassy? I am hearing that if you were born outside of Turkey that you will not see an interview until about a year later, regardless if you are a turkish citizen or not
  3. I heard that only Turkish citizens who were BORN in Turkey get priority... my husband is a Turkish citizen (no other citizenship or residency) but he was born in Germany.. so more than likely we will be waiting a year or so for his interview. :(
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