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I-130 denied. Appeal or file new application or motion to reopen
5:30 am yesterday


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My husband is an American citizen. He and I just received the denial notice:

https://imgur.com/a/w8tTDHX <--I uploaded the letter content we got

The denial reasons:

Establish a bona fide relationship to certain alien relatives who wish to immigrate to the United States.

Establish the appropriate legal status (i.e., U. S. citizenship or lawful permanent residence) to submit a petition on the beneficiary s behalf.

We are surprised because we thought the interview went well. She scanned our insurance card (both name), both bank card, kept the six-month mutual bank accounts papers, requested us to send a more-detailed apartment lease and a work/employment verification letter to prove he lived/worked in GA. Everything seemed to go good and she didn t even ask us to show our album. I asked her if she needs to see our album and she said no. Did it happen to anyone? I found it blizzard. Also, the denial notice came only first page, page 3 and page 5. Are we missing pages???

When we received the Request for Evidence, it also asked the evidence to prove our marriage. Hence, we sent six pics to them along with the entire apt lease and his employment letter. On Thursday, we got the denial letter. My husband was mad bc he was born here at a military hospital. We are not sure what the reason they would think he is not a citizen. A person who doesn't change the ID to current state ID would be a problem? Would he drive his mom's car to be a problem? What things we can gather to prove he is a citizen? We've submitted the birth certificate before.

I'm scared and really don't know what to do since the letter came in like one-two weeks late and I only have two weeks left. After digging the info online, I felt we could have submitted more evidence like sworn affidavits. Is it too late to change the water/electric bill/water bill to both of our names? Any other material? Letters to show we live together?

Can you please suggest me what the best option for me to do? Appeal? Motion to reopen? Re-apply everything?

I'm waiting for Monday so I can talk to a lawyer but right now I'm really anxious and sad.....Any info would help and be appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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i485 checklist
2:02 pm January 18, 2019

Jenna Ting

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Someone told me I need the police clearance for applying AOS but I didn't find this on the USCIS website. Is it necessary for me to attatch the police clearance with i485 ?

Thank you for anyone can clarify this for me in advance

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Taxes for foreign spouse during adjustment of status.
7:30 pm January 14, 2019


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Hi all. Thanks for reading.

My wife and I got married in November. She came in with a K1 visa this year 2018.

We're not sure how to handle filing taxes for 2018. She worked in Taiwan before coming here - so do we file jointly with her as a resident and report all the income she made in Taiwan?

We're gonna talk with our accountant later but just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this.

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Ceac Ready then adminsitrative proccessing then new case creation date
2:26 pm January 10, 2019


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ok peeps, interview april 2018 , 221g given, ap for 7.5 months, email received from embassy for more evidence of continuing relationship, then a day or two later email sent to send in passport and new medical, we did that. I will also point out that from the date of the interview to the day before they sent the email requesting to send in the passport the ceac page has always shown "ready" and never shown administrative processing, we get the email saying "we completed our procedure please send in 221g and passport" so this tells me they completed the 7.5 months ap , the day we got that email ceac changed from ready to administrative processing, they got the passport today and now ceac shows new case creation date as the 10th and last case updated the 10th , so does this mean they got the passport? passport was sent out via drop off location on the 9th, but my question is why the new case creation date? is that normal while waiting for the visa to be issued? from what I read it should go to "issued" next..

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I-485 PAGE 4 ,underlying petition
12:02 pm January 7, 2019

Jenna Ting

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Hi.I'm trying to fill in this form,i-485, what's the meaning of "underlying petition" on page 4,part 2?I'll arrive in the USA on K1 visa this January. I wander if I should fill in item 3 and 4 with my Noa1 receipt number and date? Thank you for anyone can clarify this for me.

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