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About the Outside Normal Processing Time question
2:32 am yesterday


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My case exceeds the time in Case Processing Times, so I am going to notify it on the website.
you can submit an outside normal processing time service request online.

But there is a Last Action Taken on Case, how do you fill it in?


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After I had the interview, I received status update: Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered
2:44 pm August 8, 2020



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Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this madness.

I received a status update on 8/7/2020: Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered. However, I had my interview on 2/28/2020, and I did not receive a letter for a second interview.


PD 12/6/2018

Interview 2/28/2020

Status changed to interview was completed, and my case must be reviewed right after the interview.

My PD became current in August visa bulletin, so I gave USCIS a call on 8/6/2020 to request a case inquiry since my case is pending for more than 120 days after the interview. The agent told me I should receive a letter from USCIS by 8/25/2020. Just yesterday 8/7/2020, my case status changed to [Interview Cancelled And Notice Ordered].

I am wondering if anyone is on the same boat? Appreciate any advice or experience you would like to share.

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Biometrics heard nothing
1:29 am August 8, 2020


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Hello, everyone, I'm 2020 March AOS filer, my location is in southwest Houston, the ASC near my apartment already reopened on 7/13, but until today I still have not received my biometrics notification. The thing make me worry about is that I saw a lot of March filers already received their biometrics letter, I'm scared that USCIS already forgot me, what should I do now??????????

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NOA1- NOA2 for K1 Visa
4:20 am August 5, 2020



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Hi All

this might be a silly question, however just would like to know that we have received our NOA1 but how would us know which Service center would be proceeding our K1 package?

I asked my bf but he said he did not see any thing on NOA1.

are they all proceed at California center nowadays ??

Thank you in advance for answering me.

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NVC processes K1 finally
9:44 pm July 31, 2020


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Hi guys, NVC finally started sending out K1 cases to embassy :)

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