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Question for Affidavit of support i134/ Tax Return
2:55 pm October 7, 2019



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Hi guys...

My fiance worked remotely in Taiwan for a South African company for 2 years and before then he had already lived in Taiwan for 4 years at least, I believe he didn't file taxes for the last 2 years.. Last time he did file was in 2016 :( I'm now waiting for Packet 3 with the embassy instructions and obviously freaking out about this. He didn't want to file because it was pretty low for American standards, but high enough that he should have filed.

I searched Online but couldn't find any specific requirements of the affidavit for support from the embassy in Taiwan. I believe my fiance submitted pay stubs, employment statement and bank statement in the first stage while filing for i129F.

is it definitely required document to provide any past tax return for this? Say if I have good savings can I also provide my own financial statement, will that help?

Thank you guys...I just really want to know + persuade my fiance that he might have to wake the IRS beast at some point.

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Signatures on applications
2:59 pm September 23, 2019


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I m trying to determine the requirements for signatures on application forms. From the info I can find, some seemed to indicate that you could photocopy/scan an original document with a handwritten signature and it could be accepted. In other places, info stressed that applications have to have wet (pen written) signatures. Has anyone successfully sent an application with scanned signatures?

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No sealed package CR1 visa
2:39 pm September 21, 2019



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I got my passport with CR1 visa page a few days ago.

However, I didn't receive a sealed package nor do I have an annotation 212g or Docs in CCD on my visa page.

I have seen most people who do not have a sealed package have an annotation "Docs in CCD".

I have only seen one person who did not receive a sealed envelop nor an annotation enter the US successfully.

Anyone who does not have a sealed envelop nor an annotation has entered the US with no problems?

The attachment is what I received along with my passport.


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From NVC letter to receive package 3 from local consolate
4:39 am September 18, 2019

Rob and Alen

Rob and Alen

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all your sharing, it's nice to get lots of usual info in this place.

I have question and wondering if anyone face the same situation.

I filled the K1 Fiance application in March this year and received NVC letter on Aug-6 informing the case will pass to AIT (Taiwan consulate) and I shall wait for P-3 to schedule my interview.

However it has been more than 40 days and yet I still not receive mail from AIT.

I called AIT and they can't provide further info, the CEAS website shows our status is READY, last updated in Aug-13.

Is it normal for waiting more than a month ? I viewed this site and seems rarely to wait for such long time to receive P3 package from local consulate.

Anyone have any suggestion ?

Thank you very much


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Applying I-130 for both parents
2:04 am September 3, 2019



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Now that my wife is officially a US Citizen, we're now on the next step to apply permanent residency for her parents. However after going through the new I-130 (it has changed since I filed for my wife), I'm a little confused on does both of her parents need to have separate I-130 filed? I'm assuming it's still necessary to list the other in their respective I-130 form? Also, when filling out I-864, when counting household size, do I have to count both of them in each of their I-864 form?

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