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US Immigration from Taiwan

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Original Documents
3:58 pm July 14, 2021


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On the NVC website it emphasizes that all originals of the uploaded documents must be brought to the interview. I'm planning to get a letter from my parents stating that we can live with them when we return to the US. I'm planning to have them sign the letter and get it scanned to send back to me (overseas). But for an original do I need the letter that was printed out and signed in ink sent over to me for the interview? Is the same true for the government forms like I-184 for me and the joint sponsor?

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K1- I-134 form question
12:07 pm July 7, 2021



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Hi All, my fiance is preparing to fill out the I-134 form however there are few questions which sort of confused us.

Kindly need help from you to answer it.

1. For Page 3 " Dependents' Information "

the folowing persons are dependent upon me for support. If you need extra space to compete this section, use the space provided in Part7. Additional Information.

10.a to 13. should we fill out the Beneficiary's name?

or should we keep it as blank if my fiance is not sponsor anyone at the moment?

2. For page 4

quesiton 38. I ( )intend / ( ) do not intend to make specific contributions to the support of the person(s) named in Part 2. ( the beneficiary)

should my Fiance selected intend if he is supporting me after i entry the US? or is it ok for him to selected "do not" intend?

thank you all for answering it in advance

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i-751 part 7 sign or type?
4:09 pm July 6, 2021



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Hi I know I have to sign on the next page, but what about this part ? Do I write my name in print here or type? Thank you!

Also, do I use UPPERCASE LETTERS to fill out this i-751 form? Thank you so much in advance!

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Quit K1 and get married while I am in the state?
9:58 pm July 2, 2021


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this is how far we get.... so far

I-129F Sent : 2021-05-17
I-129F NOA1 : 2021-05-27

I am currently visiting my bf in the state for 3 months entered with ESTA visa.

more we read about how slow the process is for K1 more scared we are (also covid situations seem to getting bad again....),

we just dont want to go thru long distance without knowing when is gonna end!!

so here is a hypothetical question... can we just get married here and start new process and forget about K1?

or this is not a wise move to do as it might effect each other?

or should we hire a lawyer?

any ideas or experience to share are all welcome and appreciate!

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I-129 submitted I-485 with IOE number
1:04 am July 2, 2021



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Hi all,

would like to ask, for K1 Visa when submitted the Form I-485 to adjust status change

is it Normal to received case number start with "IOE" instead of "MSC"??

the status has stated " case was received and a receipt notice was sent" since June 3rd

Seeing others which submitted around time all have received update as "fingerprint fee was received"

could anyone help reply above situation and advise if it is normal and OK with " IOE" case number ?

THank you all in advance

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