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Could joint-sponsor's lack of financial evidence lead to visa denial?
7:51 am


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So I have my IR-1 interview scheduled next month in the embassy and are preparing for documents to bring.

My husband(US citizen) as the principal sponsor has enough asset just a little bit more than the requested criteria. To be safe, we asked his father to be our joint-sponsor. He sent his W-2 as financial evidence to NVC.

I received a letter from NVC to request me to bring my joint-sponsor's latest tax transcript to the interview.

Problem is that my father-in-law despite his willingness to help us, doesn't want to mail or email his tax information to us for fear of safety reasons during the mailing (he can send it directly to a US agency but both NVC and the embassy insist me to bring it to the interview),

NVC said if it is requested document, then they advise me to bring it to the interview, or it could lead to a possible delay of the visa approval. The embassy said it's up to the visa officer to decide whether the document is necessary or not.

Should I be concerned of possible denial of visa just because i don't have this tax info? My husband has enough asset to support, would that be enough despite lack of document from the joint sponsor? If it is denied, how long would it take to reschedule another interview?

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I-130 November 2018 filers
3:39 am


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I am starting a thread for I-130 November 2018 filers.

Sent on 11/05/2018, the package will be delivered on 11/06/2018.

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Are sealed packet(s) really required at the POE?
12:17 pm


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I have seen two statements on various gov and non-gov websites.

  1. The health examination records will be in a sealed envelope that says DO NOT OPEN on it. But the envelope does not say ANYTHING about not opening AND the Consular officials in Taipei (location of interview) opened the health examination packet.

  2. At the interview, you will be given a sealed packet to bring with you to the POE. But my wife was NOT given any sealed packet.

Are these problems for us or are the instruction outdated?

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I134 page 3
6:47 am

Jenna Ting

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Should I need to bring all the documents about what my fiance put in the items of income and asset information to the interview except 1040 ,w2 and employment letter? His annual income is pretty high(90000) and my daughter (18 years old)is coming to the interview with me. He doesn't own a house or real estate,so he only filled out his annual income,life insurance,savings and checking accounts (it's not much,I'm not sure if I should bring the bank statement to show the CO)

Thank you so much

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LPRs traveling through Canada
11:56 am


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A word to the wise: Before transiting through a Canadian airport, make sure you get a transit visa if required. Even though you (depending on your home country) don't need a visa to VISIT Canada, you very well might need a visa to transit through Canada.......

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