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Online N-400 completed and submitted (5 Year Rule)!!!
2:22 pm yesterday

Crazy Cat

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We just submitted my wife's N-400 online under the 5-year rule. Let the new wait begin!!! I really hope she gets a combo interview soon. They owe us a favor.

BTW, filing under the 5-year rule was pretty easy.

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I-751 Missing Green Card in Packet
1:07 pm August 6, 2022



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I put my I-751 packet in the mail this week and realized last night that I forgot to include a copy of my conditional green card.

I am still beating myself up about it. We put the form and all supporting documents together and went over everything so many times, and somehow still missed one of the most important items.

Should I wait for the RFE? Should I send it in now with another cover letter? So afraid that they will reject it altogether and we will lose the application fee.

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Are pictures required for an online N-400 submission??
9:59 pm August 5, 2022

Crazy Cat

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For an online submission...

Yes or No??


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RFE wording question!
3:36 am June 29, 2022



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Hey everyone,

I submitted my I-485 and all that in may of 2021. I got an RFE last month for a couple things, which isn t the issue. The issue is the wording on the back of the RFE letter.

it states:

please submit the requested form I-485 to the proper address according to the form instructions. The form instructions can be found on uscis.gov/forms. Include a copy of this letter when filing the requested forms.

what exactly do they want from me? Do they need me to also include all my original submissions, or just the original I-485, or something else entirely?

the wording is super confusing to me so I d appreciate it if anyone can help me out here! Thank you so much!

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Living/working abroad but they are asking for w2 or 1099 form.So lost about submitting documents but I am so close to the interview. Very confused, feeling hopeless!
4:21 pm June 20, 2022

Sarah Chau

Sarah Chau

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I am in the part of submitting the document portion. They asked for my w2 or 1099 form but I have been working abroad in Taiwan so there's no way I have those forms. I'm wondering what I can do to pass this section. I am feeling helpless and don't know what I should do since i've been in taiwan and have been working here for the past 3 years.

My joint sponsor has her w2 so I will be able to submit that

I'm wondering if its better if my Taiwanese husband and I just go to america and restart the greencard process there. I just feel like we have been waiting for so long and can't seem to get out of this document portion that is needed.

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