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Taipei, Taiwan
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Phone Number: 0(2)2162-2000
E-Mail: visaiv-ait@state.gov
#100, Jin Hu Road
Neihu District, Taipei City 114021
Working Hours: 8:00AM~12:00PM; 1:00PM~3:30PM
Best Contact Method: EMAIL OR FAX 886221622239
Approx Waiting Time for Interview After Consulate Recieves NVC Package: About a month. Medical exam takes about 2 weeks. All documents can be gathered within a month.
Issues Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: (AIT will call you once they receive your approved petition. After confirming your email address, they will send Packet 3 to you via email)

1. Complete the DS-160 online visa application form
2. Obtain a visa photo (see Photo Requirements)
3. Complete a medical examination with an AIT Panel Physician ((Panel Physicians List)
4. Complete a Form I-134, Affidavit of Support
5. Obtain all required supporting documents
6. Schedule your interview. through

Documents required for the interview:
1. Passport. Obtain a valid passport or if you already have a passport make certain it is still valid for at least eight months after the date the visa is issued to you.

2. Photograph. Obtain two photographs of yourself, size 5 x 5, showing full face view, no head covering, white background, on thin paper. If you marry in the United States, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will also require 2 photographs. Therefore, you may wish to have extra copies made.

3. Medical Examination. Arrange for a medical examination by one of the physicians listed on the enclosed leaflet. Please note that you must pay for the medical examination. A medical examination is also required for each unmarried minor child who will accompany you to the United States.

4. Birth Certificate. Obtain the original, or certified copy of the birth record of each family member (yourself, and all unmarried children under the age of 21). The certificate must contain: Persons date of birth, place of birth, names of both parents, and annotation by the appropriate authority indicating that it is an extract from official records.

5. Current Household Registration. Applicable for Taiwan resident.

6. Marriage/Divorce Certificates. Obtain one certified copy (if you were married previously) of your marriage certificate or certificates and one certified copy of the divorce or death certificate to prove dissolution of each of such prior marriages.

7. Police Certificates. If the police authorities where you now reside and where you have resided for six months or longer since your sixteenth birthday will issue certificate(s) of record in your name, obtain such a certificate or certificates.

8. Court Records. If you have been convicted of a crime or other offense, obtain a certified court record covering each offense and English translation.

9. Military Records. Persons who have served in the military forces of any country must obtain one copy of their military record. Note: Military records from certain countries are unavailable. More specific information is available at the nearest United States immigrant visa processing post.

10. Affidavit/Evidence of Support. Obtain affidavit/evidence which will show that you (and your children, if any, who will accompany you) are not likely to become a public charge while in the United States.

NOTE: If you have any children, you must obtain one certified copy of each child�s birth certificate. You must also obtain a police certificate for each child over the age of 16 who plans to accompany you.

Issues Packet 4? No
Packet 4 Contents (if known): Packet 4 was just an interview appointment letter.

Forms to Consulate? N/A YET
Other Forms (if any)? On date of visa interview

1. Passport or Approved Travel Document
2. Household Registration (orginal and current) one for each
3. Birth Certificate for applicant, spouse, and children
4. Police Certificate and court records if applicable
5. Photograph (2 for each person, size is 5 x 5). These photographs can be taken at the FamilyMart nearby.
6. Evidence of financial support (Form 1-864 or form I-134) or DS-1743, Offer of Employment to Alien (unless you have evidence of your own assets). secondary evidence such as U.S. Tax documents, is also useful.
7. DS-230 (Part I, II) Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration
8. Marriage Certificate, if applicable
9. Divorce decree, if applicable
10. Military Record, if applicable
Direct Consular Filing Offered? No
If DCF Allowed: For all or only US citizen lawfully resident in country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend interview? No
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Advance
Did embassy schedule interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? No
If not what's the waiting period? THREE TO FOUR BUSINESS DAYS VIA SF Express
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Cost of Medical Exam? Base cost is NT$6000. Vaccines added will increase the final cost. Estimate of NT$9000 (medical and vaccinations).
List of doctors? https://photos.state.gov/libraries/ait-taiwan/171414/iv/ait-221-list-of-panel-physicians-march-6-2015.pdf
How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 4
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 2
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? One hour
Vaccination requirements? 4 required vaccinations if you don't have proof of prior vaccinations. 10 photos required for medical.
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate?
Additional Info? Pay the visa fee in US$, NT$, or use a credit card according to AIT website.

Packet 3 contains AIT account # and instructions to pay for visa fee at post office. More information at: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/tw/tw-niv-paymentinfo.asp .

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