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    Openly gay and was happily married since 08/15/2013. We could not get married in California until 2013 because of Prop 8 the gay marriage ban, which was tossed out by U.S Supreme Court in summer 2013. The Supreme Court in late June 2013 also struck down the congress approved Defense of Marriage Act which rendered LGBT families ineligible for immigration benefits, so for the first time, we were able to file AOS as a married couple. I knew my spouse for 21 years, we got married and filed for AOS in November 2013, but I was found inadmissible due to my two misdemeanors at the AOS interview in March 2014. We were requested to file 601 waiver. We filed in April 2014, and we got 485 and 601 waiver approved in late October that year. My husband unfortunately passed away on 3/29/2018, 3 days after my 400 interview. My 751 was approved on 4/26/2018. I was naturalized on 5/23/2018. I will miss my husband forever.

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  1. I got the update of my 751 being transferred to a new office AFTER the 751 approval, so maybe it was just a system update and meant very little, so I would not necessarily read too much into it if you got the update. As far as combo adjudication is concerned, it is totally up to USCIS whether they are going to adjudicated together, but they are probably at the same office now. They will probably adjudicate your 751 first and 400 at the same location. Good luck.
  2. News alert. From CNN: Trump admin proposes rule to block visas, green cards for those likely to use certain public benefits Trump admin proposes rule to block visas, green cards for those likely to use certain public benefits https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/22/politics/trump-administration-immigration-public-benefits/index.html I thought you guys should be aware. Good luck. It is unclear whether this newly proposed policy will survive the likely legal challenges or how it could impact 400/751 applicants if it is implemented. Good luck.
  3. Must be a technical error because I never made such a comment as I was already naturalized on May 23th.
  4. Ah, you are right. You have to be registered to vote. Your interview date cuts it kind of close. Oh well, at least you will be a citizen, and that is something to celebrate about!!!!
  5. Looks like you may be able to vote this November after all!!!!
  6. Thanks. We applied for 400 In early August 2017 with 751 pending. Yes, staying positive and cherishing my late husband in my heart are how it is going to help me get through, but I am so thrilled that the immigration is behind me. Oh god, I hope so too..Fingers crossed.
  7. I applied for 400 with my 751 pending in early August, I was naturalized on May 23rd. My dear husband passed away three days after the 400 interview. I think his passing triggered my 751 and 400 approval. My 751 was approved one month after the interview that took place on 3/26 this year. My situation was a bit complicated and emotional too. Anyway. Los Angels field office seems to be faster in processing 400/751 dual applications in general anyway. Perfect. I can't wait to vote again either. Congrats.
  8. CSC is pretty bad as far as processing time goes, it makes VSC look normal by comparison.
  9. Not really, I was already naturalized in May. I was just trying to help and be informative. I am already done, brother.
  10. Great! So happy for you. Thanks for your support too. Welcome to the U.S as a full fledged American citizen. Now you can vote too! Glad this rocky journey is finally over!! 😀
  11. I walked in a week before my scheduled biometrics. I was out of there in 10 minutes. Good luck.
  12. Was just checking the processing time for 751 at field offices, assuming the reason 751 ended up at a field office is because of the submission of 400 while 751 is pending. The wait time for that is crazy, it could take up to almost 3 years and 7 months??