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    Openly gay and was happily married since 08/15/2013. We could not get married in California until 2013 because of Prop 8 the gay marriage ban, which was tossed out by U.S Supreme Court in summer 2013. The Supreme Court in late June 2013 also struck down the congress approved Defense of Marriage Act which rendered LGBT families ineligible for immigration benefits, so for the first time, we were able to file AOS as a married couple. I knew my spouse for 21 years, we got married and filed for AOS in November 2013, but I was found inadmissible due to my two misdemeanors at the AOS interview in March 2014. We were requested to file 601 waiver. We filed in April 2014, and we got 485 and 601 waiver approved in late October that year. My husband unfortunately passed away on 3/29/2018, 3 days after my 400 interview. My 751 was approved on 4/26/2018. I was naturalized on 5/23/2018. I will miss my husband forever.

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  1. Guys, just want to put your mind to rest about this "Your case has been transferred to NBC" notification. With my own experience, I was naturalized last May 23rd, and 751 was approved last April. My case status for my 751 still says pending and a new office has the jurisdiction of my case! The status of it changed from approval to pending last April. I would take this transfer notice with a grain of salt without getting your hopes up because it is probably not true that your case has been transferred to NBC. Combo pending applicants always get adjudicated at field offices, the 751 doesn't get transferred separately to NBC Missouri. Patience is unfortunately the only way to deal with this excruciatingly long process. Been there before myself, so just sit tight and wait, the reward will be there for you eventually in nearly 2 years since you filed. It also depends on your field office and what state you live or what processing center you filed. I believe that is the average processing time for 751, but for the combo pending applicants, their 400 usually get adjudicated right after 751 is approved or they get approved at the same time. Best of luck.
  2. It will probably be a nearly 2 year wait, so you are looking at sometimes this December, but nobody can really say how long it is going to take. You just need to be patient. Especially under Trump administration, everything has slowed down since he took office. Also, very importantly, 751 transfer notice is most likely meaningless. My case was transferred to a new office after my 751 was approved and after the approval letter was sent to me. Transfer notice means really nothing and it is not true that your case was transferred. I got a notification of transfer after my 751 was approved. Guys, for those of you who got this transfer notice, do not look too deep into it, it doesn't mean your case was transferred, it is most likely a system update, and my situation proved it. My case changed from approval to pending. And I wasn't the only one. I would ignore this transfer notice because it is not true. Transfer notice is probably a way for USCIS to let applicants falsely think their cases are moving forward. For many 751/400 combo applicants, their cases usually get merged and sent to local field office, they don't transfer it to NBC, too many applicants who got approved probably can attest that. The real update is unfortunately the approval or when you case status says your name is updated, that usually means your case is being adjudicated for real. Good luck to you all
  3. As far as I know, you should surrender your green cards if the 10 year one comes in the mail, both of them, but I doubt you are going to get a new one if your 400 and 751 are being adjudicated at the same time.I also got the 751 approval letter saying my green card is being produced while waiting for 400's approval, but I never recieved the 10 year green card like I personally predicted. It makes sense from USCIS' perspective, if they are approving your 400 around the same time 751 was approved. Why would they bother sending you a new one? Good luck. Glad you're almost done. Congrats. No more worries. You don't need the green card anymore!!!
  4. Thank you for your condolences. I also got a paper transfer notice too. I have a feeling you will probably have a combo interview. Good luck, keep us posted.
  5. Oh ok. At least other members who have not done the interview should take the transfer notice with a grain of salt.
  6. I got this message of "A new office has the jurisdiction of your case" after my 751 was approved. It still says that and I have been a new citizen since last May. Never believe the new transfer notice and don't let it fool you or make you become complacent. The fact is probably your field office has both 400 and 751 packets, you should assume the combo interview is coming and be prepared. If your marriage is real and has tons of evidence submitted, you got nothing to worry about. I would also take more evidence with me for the possible combo interview that shows your marriage is continuous. That is what I would do based on my experience. USCIS wanted to do a combo interview, but my husband was too sick to go, so I had to prove why he could not come to the possible 751/400 interview, my husband passed 3 days after the interview, and I submitted his death certificate and my 751 was approved a month later and I got a notification saying they scheduled my citizenship ceremony. I have been a citizen since last May. My case was uniquely sad and complicated, but the point is USCIS did try to do a combo interview, and funnily, my 751 application still says my case is at NBC despite the fact that my 751 was approved and me being a citizen for almost a year and a half!
  7. Ignore the transfer notice. I got the same transfer notice AFTER my 751 was approved. It went from Approval to Pending after I recieved the approval letter. Do not assume anything based on the transfer notice which is really not true and almost meaningless. It is a system update, your field office probably has your packet and the combo interview could be a real possibility. You should be prepared for that.
  8. Thank you. Yes, you are right. California in 2020 requires everyone to have a federal ID to travel domestically, but passport ID can be used instead of that too. Thanks, I have already updated my info right after I was sworn in.
  9. As far as I know, passport card is only good for Mexico, Canada, Carribean and Bermuda when it comes to international traveling. I have that too.
  10. Thanks a lot for your support and condolences. I really appreciate it. You are on the right track and you are doing the right thing. It will take a while, but you will be fine eventually. Time will fly much faster than you anticipate. Good luck!
  11. I would apply for 400 now if I were you. I was in the same situation, my 400 was approved a month later after my 751 was approved. However, my husband passed away 3 days after my 400 interview. If my husband were around and healthy, they would have probably done a joint interview. I had to submit my dear husband's death certificate when it became available and requested USCIS to convert the joint 751 to a widower waiver application, sadly and in a bittersweet situation, my husband's passing might have expedited my 751 and subsequently USCIS approved my 400 and sent me a ceremony notification. However, with the unprecedented long processing time for 751 and so many accounts of the dual pending applicants here. I would apply for 400 right away. Good luck.
  12. It is unclear whether your concern is a real possibility. With my own experience, i did contact Ted Lieu's office, they are not there to expedite the processing time, they will just make sure your case is in process and not forgotten or buried. Maybe you can hold it out for another 2 months, and if you still hear nothing from them, contact your congressman if you are really concerned. It is anyone's else guesses as to whether USCIS will be upset if a congressional intervention is involved.
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