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  1. My application was charged on 04/22, and I received the receipt number at the same day. But until today, I still not received NOA1 hard copy, is that delay or normal?????
  2. 他要求的是一份叫做 ''原始戶籍謄本(英文版)'' 及 ''出生登記證明+出生證明(這兩份文件只有中文版)'' 的文件,所謂的原始戶籍謄本又稱第一張戶籍謄本,就是你出生的時候你的家人帶著你的出生證明到戶政事務所登記後所產出的第一張戶籍謄本,另外 ''出生登記證明+出生證明'' 這個文件必須一併申請,申請後必須要要有戶政事務所的騎逢章+機關用印,然後這個文件只有中文所以你必須要翻譯+法院或民間公證人公證+外交部複驗。台灣人較多的論壇「背包客棧」上有很多人分享過這個 RFE ,上面就有答案了
  3. Still nothing too. Lost hope little by little😥😥😥
  4. March filer here too✋✋✋. I filed my I-485 package on March.25 through USPS, and it was delivered on March.27. Three weeks past, I still not heard anything. They didn't charge my application fee(I attached G-1450-credit card pay), they didn't send me the text(I attached G-1145),they didn't send the package back to reject. I just want to know is anybody face the same circumstance like me????
  5. hello everyone, I just want to know is anybody face the same circumstance like me. I filed my AOS on Mar.25 through USPS and it delivered on Mar.27. Until today the credit card(I attached G-1450) still not charge, and I still not receive the message(I attached G-1145). Why it take so long? it's because of COVID-19 or USPS lost my package? Should I call USCIS next week????
  6. They said it's not the time, the insurance agent told my spouse only can add my name on January
  7. On March 12. We tried but his insurance company denied and told us to do that in next year's January
  8. As a k1 visa holder and new immigrant, I faced the same challenge like everybody faced before they want to send their AOS package- buy a health insurance. In my case, I thought my spouse can add my name into his health insurance which his company provided for him, but the insurance company denied our request, they said he can only do that on January. After his insurance company denied my case, we called different company here, but all the insurance companies denied my case cause I don't have SSN or INTN. I didn't give up, I always believe there has a solution, so I input '' buying health insurance without SSN or INTN '' and search it on Google, then I saw a lot of advertisements from chinese insurance company. Then I went to a insurance comapny which is located in chinatown, and they are selling two different short term health insurance, one is 364 days health insurance, and the other is 180 days health insurance. For those health insurance, SSN or INTN is not required, the documents you have to bring are your passport, your marriage certificate, I-944 instruction and U.S. citizen's checking bank account information. After I bought the health insurance, now I already started my AOS procedure. Share my experience to everybody, hope no one will suffer from this problem again.
  9. Hello everyone, my spouse and I are confused when we're filling out G-1450 for AOS. We don't know whose name should be wrote down on ''Applicant's/Petitioner's/Requester's Information''. I thought this part should write my name on it, cause I'm the AOS applicant's, even though I use his credit card to pay for AOS. But my spouse thought this part should write down his name, it's because I'm using his credit card to pay for AOS. Now we don't know who is correct, I hope the member here can give us that answer, thanks
  10. Hello everyone, we plan to pay our K-1 visa application fee through credit card, but we are not sure where should we file. I mean we are not sure is Lockbox as same as PO Box or not????
  11. Hello everyone, My fiance and I decided to pay our application fee through visa credit card, but when we are filling out g1450 we found there is one question. Both of us notice that g1450 doesn't ask petitioner to provide security code of credit card, but we always be asked to provide security code when we purchasing in on-line store, so the credit card transaction will not be affected???? My fiance credit card is issued by chase bank.
  12. It said case was received, so that's why we feel confused😥
  13. Thank you. Yes, USCIS returned the whole package back.
  14. Thank you😊. Because we feel confused that case number means official accept or not
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