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  1. Hello everyone, we plan to pay our K-1 visa application fee through credit card, but we are not sure where should we file. I mean we are not sure is Lockbox as same as PO Box or not????
  2. Hello everyone, My fiance and I decided to pay our application fee through visa credit card, but when we are filling out g1450 we found there is one question. Both of us notice that g1450 doesn't ask petitioner to provide security code of credit card, but we always be asked to provide security code when we purchasing in on-line store, so the credit card transaction will not be affected???? My fiance credit card is issued by chase bank.
  3. It said case was received, so that's why we feel confused😥
  4. Thank you. Yes, USCIS returned the whole package back.
  5. Thank you😊. Because we feel confused that case number means official accept or not
  6. Hello everybody, we submitted I129f form to apply k1 visa for my fiance, and we got NOA1 on 02/14/2019(have case number) and we received a rejection notice on 02/21/2019(because the check has problem), so we decided to resubmit again. But now we feel confused when my fiance fill the I129f again, what should he choose on part 1 item 43.- have you ever filed I-129f for any other beneficiary(still the same beneficiary, and he never apply k1 for other alien) and part 3 multiple filer wavier(is the same beneficiary belong to two or more beneficiary?)
  7. Unfortunately no, they sent the whole package back without the check
  8. We paid by check. And we are sure the number we wrote down is 535 dollars....... both my fiance and I think the problem is from the check so maybe we should pay by the credit card
  9. hello everybody, my finance received a letter and whole package from USCIS on Friday(They returned whole package back). According to the intent of the letter, it seems our case was rejected, but we still can't understand why our case will be rejected; therefore, we decided to provide the intent show up on the letter and ask for help here: This notice is to inform you that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) rejected the application or petition ('' your case '') listed above because: . The check or money order submitted as payment was returned by the bank or financial institution ; or . The credit card submitted as payment was declined by the financial institution. Because your payment was not covered by the bank or financial institution, you must pay a 30 dollars service fee as required by section 103.7(a)(2)(i) of Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Please submit the 30 dollars fee along with a copy of this notice to the address below. Do not submit any other documentation to this address or attempt to correct this failed payment with another repayment. What should we do now????? USCIS returned whole package back....... but we still have the WAC case number.......
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