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  1. Writing with the very update you both need! Hubby received the interview letter for N-400 last month; interview was scheduled for yesterday (March 19). His i-751 was still outstanding and had been at NBC since March 2020 (filed in April 2019). He never received any updates about the status of the i-751 or if the interview would be a combo interview. The letter indicated it was just for N-400. Fast forward to yesterday. The IO was incredibly nice and friendly, he essentially said "I see your i-751 has been pending for nearly two years--let's get it done." So, hubby ended up having a combo interview yesterday without any advance notice. I was waiting outside, just in case, and we brought along all of our binders of evidence and original documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.) to be prepared, but the IO didn't even up asking for any of it. After forty minutes, hubby was approved for both i-751 and N-400. Oath ceremony on Tuesday!
  2. Thanks for asking! Hubby's interview went very well. They DID adjudicate the i-751 together with the N-400. Totally unexpected, because the interview letter specifically mentioned N-400 and we never received any updates about a combo interview. Hubby reported that the USCIS officer was incredibly nice and friendly--he basically said "I see you've been waiting awhile; let's get this done." Oath ceremony on Tuesday!
  3. I can see my hubby's documents, status, and history in his N-400 account, but the USCIS "Ask Emma" chatbot isn't working. There must be something wonky with their system today.
  4. Oh, I will definitely be there! Me and our two gigantic binders with copies of all i-751 and N-400 documents submitted, plus all updated docs since the applications were received....
  5. Thank you for your reply. We appreciate the support! Did you have an interview for AOS so it wasn't necessary for ROC? Hubby's AOS was approved without interview in 2017, which is probably why his i-751 is still pending. I assume the pandemic, combined with the general USCIS backlog, has delayed scheduling for the i-751 interview. BUT STILL! He filed 1 year and 11 months ago. It's totally insane. I wonder whether the IO will have a similar reaction during my husband's interview on Friday--that he/she was not aware of the pending i-751....
  6. No updates here, either. Hubby's i-751 was transferred to NBC in March 2020 (yep, a year ago!). The online case status has been "my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview" since May 13, 2020. We've already submitted two case inquiries due to being outside normal processing times and had our DC Congresswoman contact USCIS. No movement. Hubby filed the N-400 in May 2020 and his citizenship interview is this Friday, March 19. I thought USCIS would schedule a combo interview after he had to get the ADIT stamp in his passport in January 2021, but it looks like the interview Friday is just for citizenship. No idea how this will pan out.
  7. Thank you! One final question: how far in advance of the interview did you receive the notification? We're now only 12 days away from the scheduled N-400 interview.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. We will bring copies of all of our joint accounts, policy coverage, etc, as well as photos and greeting cards, just in case. Doesn't hurt! Another VJ member told me they received an updated document informing them that their N-400 interview would actually be a combo i-751 and N-400 interview. Since my husband's i-751 is still pending and the N-400 interview is coming up, I thought we might receive a similar update. However, we haven't gotten anything yet. How did you find out your interview was going to be a combo?
  9. Good call on the tax transcripts. I'll request one for 2020 (others already included with the application). I feel like it's better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. We'll lug both our ROC and N-400 binders to the interview, just in case.
  10. @ All: Hubby’s interview is coming up on March 19. Any advice or suggestions on what to bring to the interview? Since he filed for citizenship based on marriage to me, a US citizen, we’re planning to update our relationship evidence since the N-400 was submitted (lease, utility bills, dog adoption, photos, etc). Beyond that, any recommendations?
  11. Scandi, thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely plan to go to the interview with my husband.
  12. We live in the District, so our office is the DC office (technically in Fairfax). I assumed the interview would be a combo, since the i-751 is still pending. However, the interview letter clearly states that it's for N-400 only and that no one is permitted to accompany my husband to the interview, due to ongoing Covid protocols. I even chatted with a USCIS officer via the Ask Emma function on the website and she said the same thing. However, in another VJ forum, someone else with a pending i-751 had their N-400 changed to a combo interview a couple of weeks after receiving the initial N-400 interview letter. My husband's N-400 interview notice arrived on February 10, and so far there is no news about the interview becoming a combo.
  13. My husband filed for i-751 in April 2019. USCIS transferred his case from the Vermont Service Center to NBC in March 2020 for "faster processing." He got his i-551 stamp last month. We're still waiting.... Incredibly, his citizenship interview has already been scheduled for next month (N-400 filed in May 2020), but i-751 remains pending.
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