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US Immigration from Syria

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Name Correction Issue
3:46 pm February 22, 2021


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We were finally approved after 14 months. We are now at NVC. I just looked at the spelling of my husbands last name and it was not corrected. I sent in a letter to USCIS months ago to correct it with just an extra letter so it will match his passport. It is a very minor spelling error. USCIS never corrected it. We are at NVC now and I'm wondering what we need to do. I sent a message to NVC and have not received a response.

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Waiting for noa2 11 months now
3:55 am November 5, 2020


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We are still waiting for NOA2. It s been 11 months now. I called a few weeks ago and security checks were done all the way back in July so it s just frustrating that it s taking so long. Any idea idea what could be going on?

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Current as of today visa status
1:09 am October 24, 2020


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Usually when I login to the USCIS dashboard it will shows a date viewed. For example September 10th was the last time it was updated. Now today I noticed it says current as of today and then the exact time. Does anyone know if this is a new thing or what this is? At first I thought they were actively working on my application but then I noticed it was still updating the time well into the evening. Any ideas?

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RFE Random Question
10:38 pm October 23, 2020


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I was just wondering at what stage (if any) of the process are RFEs sent? For example are they just sent out towards the end of NOA1 stage or there is no specific timing just whenever the officer is working on your case? Just something I have wondered.

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Taxes dilemma
4:44 pm August 24, 2020



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Hello everyone,

So I really suck at taxes stuff and have no clue since I am a new immigrant here in the US. So my wife is still a student and does not work and she is still under her father's taxes list ( I do not know how to phrase it but I hope you understood my point :p). I do not work either at this time due to COVID-19, I am trying to find work but could not find one yet.

So neither of us work at this point, what should we do next? should we register on the IRS together? or is it fine/legal to keep things the way they are at the moment?

Thank you

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