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89 Days : 2 Months and 30 days. From Applying to Oath !
2:28 am yesterday



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Hey Fellow Members

I'm happy to announce that it took me 89 days from applying for Citizenship to get my Oath Certificate.

I have applied with my wife on January 19th 2021 and did the oath today. It took 89 days in total. Thank you all and good luck on your journey

My timeline:

2005: Came to the US as a B2 then tranferred to F1 student

2010: F1 to OPT

2011: F1 to H1B sponsorship (Married to my wife in 2012 and she came to the journey with me. She was a F1 previously)n

2016: H1B to Green Card

2021: Green Card to Citizen

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March 2021 - AOS filers
10:28 pm March 11, 2021


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No thread yet?

I am hoping to submit early next week and am looking forward to doing so without the i-944.

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Federal Employee Health Benefits without SSN
7:39 pm March 8, 2021


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I am in the process of AOS with my husband who came on a K1 visa. The SSA failed to verify his information in time and he does not have an SSN yet, near the end of his 90 days.

We married and I am trying to add him to my employer provided health insurance. I told them that other people had gotten around the requirement for an SSN on forms by using a "dummy" SSN, but they are insisting that because I work for a government entity and use FEHB, an SSN is in fact required. I found a page on OPM.gov saying that the FEHB is required to report coverage to the IRS and needs the SSN for that, since 2016...

Does anyone know if this is true, or have anything I can send HR stating otherwise?

If not, should I look for a plan for him on the marketplace to satisfy the i944 and move him to my plan once we are able?

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I-130 for Stepchildren
11:55 am February 7, 2021



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I recently filed the I-130 s for both my stephchildren to join my spouse and I here in the US. Previously I filed for my spouse and it required mailing in full packages of documents. This new process was a bit strange just filing the form online and attaching the marriage certs and birth certs. I fee completely deficient with information.

Can any provide any advice or tips. We have been through this process before with my spouse, but just would like to know if we should prepare for anything out of the ordinary.

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SSN from K1, DHS problem
12:11 am January 26, 2021


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My fiance arrived at the POE on Dec. 19, 2020. We went to the SSA office on Dec. 31, 2020 to get his SSN. The person who helped us was at least aware that K1s can get SSN, and had done them before, so that was good.

When he entered the data and submitted it, it came back as a mismatch in the SAVE system. He said he would email the relevant agency about that and get back to me.

Today, he said he had spoken to someone at DHS, who asked if my fiance and I had married yet. The DHS employee said that it would take 35 days in order to process the SSN if we remained unmarried (not clear when the 35 days would start -- from POE or from application date or? ). Otherwise, it would have to be resubmitted as a new request if we had married (because my fiance would no longer be under K1 status if we had married (????)).

We have not yet married, though I don't see how this would change anything (neither of us plan on changing our name after marriage). I asked the SSA officer if it made more sense to marry and resubmit the request or to wait for the 35 days for DHS first. He said he wasn't sure, but would let the DHS person know we were not married.

We're still planning how/when to marry, and we have some time, but I'd rather not wait too long for any of this. The SSA officer asked if we were waiting on the SSN to start work (!!) and I said it was just for doing things like putting my fiance on my lease and getting him a bank account and such.

Has anyone heard about this 35 day thing from DHS, or the idea that immigration status changes just after marriage??? Any advice on how to proceed is also welcome.

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