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US Immigration from Senegal

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Cheating After AOS K1 Approv
2:49 am March 1, 2020



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Hi guys. Was just wondering, after spouse gets approved for his k1 AOS, conditional green card, he starts cheating, what can be done after the 2 year conditional green card expires? Along with that, emotional abuse? Thank you.

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Contacting Senegal Consulate about Interview
1:13 pm February 6, 2020


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Hello VJ -

My husband and I have been waiting for two months now for his interview appointment at the US Embassy Consulate in Dakar to be scheduled. We read that some VJ members from previous years contacted the embassy via email with their case number. Is it still relevant to email the consulate with our case number to inquire about getting the interview, or should we just continue to wait to hear from NVC about our appointment date/time?

Thank you!

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K-1 Green card interview for AOS
7:08 pm January 30, 2020



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I need help. Hubby & I had an interview this morning. The officer did not indicate if we were approved or not. Online shows pending review. Does that mean hubby was not approved for his green card? We didn't get a good feeling from it. Other couples we're approved on the spot. If we find out that we were not approved, is there anything that can be done about it? Thank you.

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Paying Senegal K1 fee at Ecobank
1:17 pm January 29, 2020



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Just in case this information helps anyone in the future, I wanted to say that when my fiance took his printed out slip from ais.usvisa-info.com to Ecobank to pay the $265 (currently 165,000cfa) for the fiance visa, he was told by the teller that the numbers on his slip were not working. I emailed the usvisa-info help email and they got back to me in under an hour and told me I could generate a new number on ais.usvisa-info.com. That finally worked when we tried it about 24 hours after generating the first one, and he took the second number to the bank and was able to pay with that.

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Affidavit of Support and Petition
4:05 am January 7, 2020



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Hi everyone!

I need help please. l am a USC petitioning my wife to come and live with me in the US. However, in 20018 l provided an Affidavit of Support to a friend who won the Green Card lottery to immigrate into the US. How should l answer the question in form I-130 Part 5: Have you ever previously filed a petition for this beneficiary (my wife) or any other alien? Should l say Yes because l submitted an Affidavit of Support to assist my friend?

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