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US Immigration from Senegal

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Appeal Expedited Interview Request
11:06 pm May 12, 2022



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Last month I had my senator request an expedited interview with the Dakar Embassy on behalf of my stepchildren due to displacement issues coming in Senegal. Our request was denied citing it would not be fair to other families waiting. I have contacted NVC to request an appeal of the expedite denial this week. My question is has anyone had any success appealing and denied expedite? If so were you given criteria of the Embassy for granting an expedited interview request?

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5:35 pm April 25, 2022

Moussa diop

Moussa diop

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I know as an new immigrant (ir1) we don t need to provide proof of vaccination to travel to USA. But if the airline company is insisting on the proof of vaccination, what I can do or show to convince them that this is not a requirement for me to travel to USA. I have a flight in 5 hours.

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DS-5535 Questionnaire Dakar Senegal Thread
4:57 pm April 23, 2022



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Everything went well the day of the interview except my husband was given the DS 5535 questionnaire at the end of his interview. We were placed in Administrative processing right after. We submitted the questionnaire the next day after his interview and now we are only waiting for the clearance to be over. My husband was told that it will take 6 weeks for the clearance to be over. Has anyone experience this in Senegal after there interview and know how long will it take for AP to be over?

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Pregnant, limited vax available in Senegal- need waiver? (split)
11:38 am April 9, 2022

Moussa diop

Moussa diop

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What if you were pregnant, you were given a visa without having the vaccination. The surgeon put a waiver during her medical appointment. And where the country (Senegal) have a very limit Covid vaccine. Do you stil need the vaccine paperwork to travel to USA? Or should I ask the embassy to provide me the waiver? I am having a flight very soon. My wife has immigrant visa ir1.

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Re-Entry Passport Not Yet Received after 4 months
4:50 pm April 5, 2022



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We received a notice in mid December that the previous bio metrics will be re-used. Since then, nothing. How long does it take to get the physical card and at what point should be follow up with them?

Fingerprint Fee Was Received
On December 3, 2021, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number xxxxxxxx. Our Nebraska Service Center location is working on your case. We mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case.

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