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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much. You have given me a lot of valuable information. This gives me a guideline to follow & which way to proceed with this. I think I am going to use the fraud & mental/emotional abuse immediately after getting green card. I intercepted a document that shows he sent another woman money with his first pay check & I have her full name & info. I found out about another woman he was dating overseas while we were already engaged. I have her name & phone #. I wish I had known all this prior to him coming here. I left him days after he started abusing me emotionally. Thanks for your help & please feel free to contact me if you can offer more.
  2. Hi. Someone who claims she was told by her attorney however, I am in the process of relocating to MD & once I get settled, I will definitely find an immigration attorney who can help me. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi. I have a similar situation however, I am the petitioner. My now husband came to the US in June 2019, we got married in August 2019 & filed for K-1 AOS immediately after. He received his working permit & 2 year conditional green card. As soon as he got both, he started signs of narcissistic behavior. He started hiding his phone, calling other women from his country, started sending money to the primary girlfriend overseas & didn't help much with household bills. He also would scream at me on a daily basis even in public & he found excuses not to sleep with me as husband & wife. He called me nasty names & etc. I separated from him within 1 month due to the mental & emotional abuse. We don't have much proof to show a bonafide marriage. I added him to my lease when he first arrived, but we don't have any kids together, traveling for vacation or anything. I was advised not to get a divorce, only legal separation because at the end of his 2 year conditional green card, he will have to prove a bonafide marriage to get his 10 year green card. He came here under false pretenses, but I didn't find out until he was granted his conditional green card. That is when certain things about him started surfacing. I waisted so much money & time. I hope he will not be granted the 10 year green card 2 years from now. I hope everything works out for you. Hang in there.
  4. Thank you for your input. At some point, I know that I will need to talk to an attorney.
  5. There will not be much evidence for a bonafide marriage at the end of 2 years. I have decided to get a legal separation & wait it out for the divorce. I will be leaving him in 7 weeks.
  6. Thank you so very much. You provided me with much valuable information. He also abuses me mentally since he was approved. He screams & calls me names on a daily basis. Inside the house, he feels comfortable chatting with his girlfriend on apps. He thinks there is nothing I can do because he now has his conditional green card. Again, I appreciate the time you took to help me.
  7. Hi guys. Was just wondering, after spouse gets approved for his k1 AOS, conditional green card, he starts cheating, what can be done after the 2 year conditional green card expires? Along with that, emotional abuse? Thank you.
  8. Yes, our red flag is age difference. Everything else is good. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  9. Thank you very much for your quick response. I feel a little bit better.
  10. I need help. Hubby & I had an interview this morning. The officer did not indicate if we were approved or not. Online shows pending review. Does that mean hubby was not approved for his green card? We didn't get a good feeling from it. Other couples we're approved on the spot. If we find out that we were not approved, is there anything that can be done about it? Thank you.
  11. May I sk, are you saying you gave temporary custody of your minor child to someone else who left the country? If that is the case, here a minor cannot live alone without parental or adult supervision. I don't have the knowledge & don't know the law about all the particuls. I hope when you explain everything during inyerview, things will work out for you.
  12. No need to put how long. They don"t really care. They only want to know that the financial documents prove the income is sufficient, later on in the process.
  13. I wrote retired because later on the affivafit of support, that is when the income info will be presented. I don't suggest leaving too much blank. Hope this helps.
  14. I, the petioner, submitted w2 forms, 1099, & documents that show the amounts being deposited in my account each month. Those of us who are on disability get the w2's & 1099's from IRS each January. I also sent in a verification letter of my income from social security website. So far nothing has been rejected & no RFE. I hope this helps you a little bit. Best wishes.
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