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US Immigration from Saudi Arabia

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K1 Islamabad
2:37 pm yesterday


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I have done my k1 interview on 5 nov.. and status change on 6 nov application received..!! And they have already kept my passport. How long it will takes? Can any one help me out..!!

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K1 Islamabad
6:03 am yesterday


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I had an interview today for K1 in US Embassy, they took my passport and gave 221g form, when I asked is my case approved so she said No and then she said Yes and then your case is in administrative process and when I asked how long it would take so she said there is no time limit.

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DOB on passport can't be corrected, HELP!
9:19 pm yesterday


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(I'm the beneficiary) The DOB on my passport doesn't match my birth certificate. I took my passport to my embassy before we filed our K1 packet and had them put a stamp on it saying that the "bearer's DOB is corrected to be read" and wrote my correct DOB matching my birth certificate. I also had a letter from the embassy stating that it has been corrected. I included these proofs in the packet before we filed it. I also wrote a personal letter stating that I will have my a new passport with the correct DOB before the interview and filed our packet.

Now, the problem is, I just got word from my embassy here that they won't be issuing me a new passport with the correct DOB. The reason is unclear and I'm working on finding out and getting them to do it because the documents I provided to them for proof such as my birth certificate are legal.

My question is, if I got my interview at the US embassy and I present my current passport with the stamp about my DOB being corrected on it, would they accept it and issue my visa on it so I can use it to enter the states, marry my fianc , and continue working on correcting my passport?

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Does Medicaid affect negatively on CR1 process ?
2:51 pm yesterday


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Hi all,

my USC wife will give birth very soon and she s totally jobless with no income. Though, she s eligible for medicaid. If she uses that, does it have any affect on our process ? which we re at NVC step now

Thanks !

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joint sponsor income, urgent answer please
10:56 am yesterday


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Hello all,

We're 3 of household size, my wife and son ( all US citizens) are living with me abroad. My wife is jobless and has no income, obviously we will need a joint sponsor.

Since we're 3, it means the joint sponsor should make ( 3 X 25,975 = $77,925 ) a year, is that correct ?

My question is, if the joint sponsor is making less than 77,925, can I still support the case with my own savings which is $40,000 ?

or what other options would you suggest ?

Your true answers are highly required and appreciated.


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