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Spouse Visa converted to Widow Visa
5:10 pm today



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Hello VJ members, is there any IW-1 visa applicants here? i want to connect with you. I got DQ July21,2020 still not getting any appointment here in Riyadh Embassy. Not sure why they are not giving interviews for IW-1 considering this cases are very few. Its very frustrating.

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Transfer to another embassy after DQ
5:46 am yesterday



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Hello, anyone have transferred your case from one embassy to another after you got DQ? my employment contract is about to end in less than 3mos and there is no assurance that I will get IL here in Riyadh Embassy. I got DQ July21,2020 and still not getting any appointment. They are only I guess processing CR/IR1 at this time but on their website they said they are processing all visa categories. My visa class is IW-1 (Widow Visa). some applicants in July2020 got already IL and me nothing considering my dq date is before them.

once you moved to another embassy- what did you do with your ds260 since it is already completed?


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Still haven't received USCIS receipt notice for I-485
5:54 pm April 16, 2021

Hassan Raza

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Hey I've searched for this on the forums and found a few threads but mostly were before and during the COVID-19 pandemic's peak. I was wondering if there are currently still significant delays going on?

I submitted my whole packet on April 5th, and was received by their facility on the 6th. It's the 16th now with no email/text yet. Is anyone else experiencing these same delays?

I'm mainly comparing it to my initial submission for the I-129F of which I received an SMS of receipt notice within 5 days of them receiving the package.


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Civics test during COVID-19 pandemic
9:24 pm March 18, 2021



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I'm sure this has been asked about a million times before but I wasn't able to find the answer to this.

Are civics exams asked verbally or on a tablet? And if they're on a tablet, are they multiple choice?

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Filing today
1:32 pm March 13, 2021



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We filing today. Expecting no hiccups.

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