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NVC , under necessary administration process
11:40 am March 19, 2020



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Hi ,

I have Q , I call the the NVC and they confirm that they received my case on ( 19 feb 2020) , and when I ask about my case they say it s under necessary administrative process.. and the current case creation in the website is ( 27 feb ).

can someone tell me what this means.

( under necessary administrative process )

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NCV Welcome letter Feb 2020
10:33 am March 10, 2020



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Dears ,

I need your support to tell me if the NVC pass my date

- my approval note date is 27 Jan 2020

- my case number is updated in the system saying they sent my case to the department of state in 11 FEB 2020

- NVC current case creation is 18 FEB 2020

plz someone tell me if this is normal

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NVC Tax return ( non residents)
3:32 pm February 20, 2020



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Do my husband have to file file his tax as married before we submit our papers to NVC, I don t have social security number.

bc it s single now.

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Senator contacted Embassy for AP
7:09 pm February 10, 2020



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Hi so my fianc had his visa interview on April 10th and we got a paper requesting proof of relationship. We ended up sending them one additional photo and all of our text messages exported to them as they request. Since then we have been in AP with no updates. We contacted them several times and they told us that our case was in AP. So I contacted my senator and they told them that they never received anything from us and that they are still waiting for proof of relationship In order to move on with the case. THEY NEVER TOLD US THAT. It s been 10 months and this whole time we thought they had our proof but they were just waiting??? And ever time we messaged them they didn t say anything under than the case is under review. I m so frustrated right now. Now my question is, what should I sent for proof? I was able to see my fianc agin in July and we took lots of photos, should I send those in? Or should I just send all our messages?

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! I-824, Application For Action on an Approved Application
8:15 am February 4, 2020



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I just wanted to share this to everyone, we file I - 824 , and it took us only 3 month to be approved.

and this is a good news for everyone plz don t lose hope if you did mistake ,

my Info:

taxes center

filed 10 October 2019

approved 27 Jan 2020

now In the process for NVC and im trying to gather information as much as I can , if anyone have useful information to help be approved plz share with me .

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