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    Met my love three years ago. We met on a game on the ps4, and I have loved him ever since. We started out as friends, and we were both in relationships. I was with the father of my children, and Andrew came along and showed me that I deserved so much more. (It was a bad situation I was in) Now that I've been with him, I can look back and say it has been the best thing that's happened to me, besides having my children. He lives in Saudi, but he's Filipino. The distance is so hard at times. I've gone to visit him a few times, but it's not possible for me to go to Saudi. So we instead spend time in Bahrain. I had considered moving there, but with 4 small kids it just can't happen right now. I can't leave my babies, and unfortunately their dad wouldn't allow me to take them to another country. So this is why we decided to start the process of the k1! I can't wait to have my love, and my children all together under one roof.

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  1. What exactly is the Fraud? He is coming in on a business visa to help with his sisters business, along with visiting his family. I don't see that he is committing fraud. If we are comitting fraud in any way, please let me know. We aren't trying to hide, or misrepresent any facts. Especially to the POE officer. My main worry was if it would be an issue for him to travel to another country on a business visa, while residing in the US and still having to go through ROC.
  2. OK just want to make sure we won't have any issues returning. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! My husband and I are soon flying to Bahrain for a trip to see his parents. This is our first time seeing his family since he left to come to the US. Also, their first time meeting their only grandchild as well. We can't go to Saudi , so this was the only place we can go. Unfortunately my husband isn't a US citizen yet, and has a Philippines passport. For this reason he can't get a visors visa to Bahrain like my son and I can. His sister owns a business in Bahrain and was able to get him a business visa to come there. It was quite expensive and she had to put down around 3000 BD (about 7900 USD) that is refundable as long as he leaves when he is supposed to. He is an accountant, so she plans on having him do some work while we are there. Just looking at the books and helping any way he can. He won't be compensated for any of it. My question is will we receive any scrutiny for him having a business visa traveling there? We intend to be 100% honest with POE officers in letting them know this was the only way he could see his family, and that he does plan on helping with the business while we are there. Any advice would be appreciated.
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