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  1. We didn’t get anything yet. A lawyer we consult with claims we should be getting the green cards in the mail around a month after arriving in the U.S. It’s only been a couple of weeks so still kind of early. Just following the tracking numbers.
  2. It’s not about her possible port of entry though. It’s asking where my parents entered as IR5 visa holders for the first time.
  3. I’m helping my parents apply to sponsor my sister and their port of entry was the U.S. preclearance facility at a Canadian airport. But on the application it only shows US states, armed forces locations and unknown. Is it fine if I just left the state part empty and wrote Toronto Airport US peclearance in the city part?
  4. I already did and it said 16 months like I’d mentioned in my initial post. That’s why I was wondering if there’s a thread here where people talked about their timelines for it.
  5. We’re planning to get a new card issued but I was wondering if the status changes automatically after entering the U.S. even before going in to the office to request a new card with the written restriction removed. When we used e verify it seemed to suggest no restrictions but I know the only way to know for certain is to go to the office.
  6. Is this for all I-131 applications or just AP? I’m particularly interested in re-entry permit applications though I know they’re all under the same banner.
  7. One of my parents already had a restricted SSN from when they were on F1 and just entered on IR5 for the first time. Does their immigration status get updated automatically or do they need to go to the office to get it updated? And the other parent never had one and we’re still waiting on the card delivery but can they go to the SS office and be told their number assuming it was already issued?
  8. I was wondering if there’s a thread here for timeline for I-131 travel document applications. On USCIS it says the processing time is 16 months for 80% of applicants. But is that accurate at all?
  9. Hello, My parents entered the U.S. on immigrant visas and were given the IR-5 endorsement stamp. I know it takes anywhere between 1-3 months to receive the physical green card in the mail, but I was wondering if there was any way to track it on the USCIS website or if we just have to wait for it blindly.
  10. I kept hoping/wondering if this was anything they’d accommodate but wanted to see if there was anything against that that I might be missing.
  11. A friend is planning to apply for a U.S. tourist visa though they plan renew their passport at the same time an interview might be made available. He lives in Canada and just got permanent residence there but his passport isn’t visa-free for the U.S. and in Canada right now appointment wait times for tourist visas are egregiously long, 700/800+ days. He might visit his home country briefly as appointments at U.S. diplomatic missions there have much shorter wait times, but his passport is close to expiring. His time will be limited and so he’s planning to fill out the application and try to make an appointment before he travels to his home country, but the application will have his current passport info, and wants to renew his passport as soon he gets there before the appointment. If he goes back there and renews his passport after filling the application and scheduling an interview appointment, but before the actual appointment takes place, would that be all right for the purpose of the application and interview or would it have conflicting info? I wanted to see if anyone filled an application and scheduled an appointment only to bring a renewed passport to the actual interview and if that went well or not.
  12. The applicant ended up getting issued a tourist visa without an interview and it took one day after the embassy received the visa. There were some concerns about an interviewing possibly being required or any other possible complication given that the applicant has an I-130 petition in their name but apparently that didn’t factor in this case.
  13. Did you ever end up getting that fixed? From what I've seen online was that some were able to make an appointment to get a stamp.
  14. My parents just got their immigrant visas (IR-5) and the annotation says: "UPON ENDORSEMENT SERVES AS TEMPORARY I-551 EVIDENCING PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR 1 YEAR" so they're clearly still doing endorsment stamps.
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