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  1. Any idea about those who got their green cards and Social Security cards but are out of US. Technically they are residents
  2. Hi, I am coming to US, this June on F21 immigrant visa, Upon arrival I will be applying for my green card to be posted. However, I have few queries: 1) My spouse is a resident of New Jersey, the same i mentioned in my DS-260. but my POE will be Chicago. Can i change my postal address to Chicago upon my arrival at Chicago airport? 2) Can i apply for my SSN while waiting for the physical green card? 3) I believe SSN is a federal issue so can i go to any SSN office across US and get my SSN number, while waiting for the physical green card to get posted at my Chicago postal address? and would they be nice enough to give me the SSN number immediately from the system before it being posted? Thanks Umair
  3. Hi aieful, Thanks for your reply. Is there some specific text for this letter or she can simply provide me a typed and signed letter mentioning that since she was un-employed, therefore she had zero income and was exempted to file income tax returns. Regards Umair Siddiqui
  4. My PD is Oct 2016 and I received my IL on Dec 12th, Just had my medical yesterday and Interview date is Jan 16, 2019
  5. Hi, I reside in Saudi Arabia. My wife, who is a permanent resident is my main sponsor, as she is un-employed for the last 5-6 years, therefore my uncle became my joint sponsor. We have submitted all the related documents to NVC (i.e Form I-864 from my wife - stating she is un-employed & Form I-864 from my uncle as he is joint sponsor) . Last week we sent our IV & AOS package to NVC also. Today i received an email from NVC as some information is missing, mentioned by NVC as below: "Regarding Evidence of Income for Financial Sponsor or Household Member: My wife's name If there are supporting documents missing:  Send the missing documents to the principal applicant so he or she can take them to the visa interview. Do not send the documents to NVC. Please gather the below requested financial evidence: Your _________________2017__________________ IRS transcript or U.S. income tax return If you were not required to file a Federal U.S. income tax return for _____________2017______________________, attach a typed or printed explanation of the reason. If you are eligible for an exemption for any reason other than your income level, you must also include evidence of the exemption and how you are eligible for it." My question is that what document we need to prepare to show to the counselor at the interview? Should we prepare a type explanation of the fact that since she was un-employed thats why we couldnt submit her returns? Currently they are asking Not to send the missing document to NVC, while they schedule our interview. Regards Umair Siddiqui
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