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  1. Hey everyone just as an update, they received my application again on 6/5/2021 and I have not received NOA-1 yet.
  2. Thank you so much!! I will re-submit all the new forms. Should I also submit this rejection letter and place it on top as well? Hey K1 medical was less than 1 year ago from today, but by the time they may get to the application to review, it will likely be > 1 year old. I heard somewhere some people are getting RFEs for not having updated medical forms by the time USCIS gets to the application? Is this true?
  3. Yes, I think I am. I feel like an idiot. Here's what I checked on the I-485. So should I just send brand new forms of everything with the 2c choice instead? I'll send a new I-485, EAD, advanced parole, I-864 EZ, g-1145, and credit card Auth, all with new signatures and new dates? Is it OK that now it's been almost 6 mo since she came to the US on a fiance visa? Do I need to send back these original documents they sent back?
  4. Hi all, Unfortunately, our I-485 (and the rest of its contents) were rejected. It says that it's because my "priority date could not be established". They are requesting one of the following documents: 1) Original I-130 if filing concurrently 2) Original I-140 if filing concurrently 3) Original I-360 if filing concurrently 4) Copy of form I-797 (NOA) If I-130, I-140, I-360, or I-526 petition has already been filed/approved 5) Other evidence that an immigration visa petition has been filed/approved on your behalf. I submitted the I-797 for NOA2 for my wife's K1 visa stating that "the above petition has been approved", along w/ the rest of the documents. I believe what I should have sent as well was a copy of the original I-129F petition. Do you guys agree? For point #5, is the I-129F that provided the K1 visa considered an "immigration visa petition"? So will providing the I-129F petition solve this problem? I thought the I-797 stating that my original I-129F was approved was adequate to serve this purpose, no? Don't they have this petition on file already? Lastly, was I supposed to file an I-130 because I filed 2 days late after the 90 day K1 visa period expired? We got married within the 90 days but we filed 2 days after the 90 days expired because we were waiting on a legal name change process. This is such a bummer.
  5. HI, I did call them. They said I have to wait 60 days until I can call them to figure out what's going on. So about another week I have to wait.
  6. Thanks Carlos. Is it a problem if I submitted the credit card authorization form under my name as the Applicant/Petitioner and my name as well under the Credit Cardholder's Name? Even though the I-485 and all forms were filed for my wife under her name as the applicant. I hope it wouldn't be an issue, because I am the petitioner of her original K1, but she is adjusting status now that she's my wife.
  7. Hey guys, my AOS package with all the forms arrived 4/6, and it's not 5/25 and still nothing. No texts and my credit card wasn't charged yet. Starting to worry a bit, but a lot of people are saying to wait 4-8 weeks, and some say it can take up to 90 days. But most of you guys are receiving texts within about 3-5 weeks or so.
  8. Hi Ana! I know this doesn't answer your question, but could please tell me when did the USCIS receive your application in the mail? I haven't received my NOA so I'm curious to see how long it took for you to receive it (even if it's just the text message/email and other documents for now). Thanks!
  9. Hello all, As an update. I still have not received my NOA-1. Nothing charged to my credit card either. Thankfully, I sent an email to the lockbox facility on April 16th, (they received my package on April 6th), and their automated reply stated they'd get back to me within 30 business days, which will be by the end of this month. The Emma chatbox says it should take 30 days to get an NOA-1, (it's been 7 weeks), but it also says to forgive them for delays due to COVID. So I can only imagine it's being delayed due to COVID. Is there anything else I should be doing or checking to make sure everything's OK? I'll be satisfied once I get a case number so at least the application isn't in limbo and I can track the case status on USCIS. Even Emma can't help me without a case number. Thanks!
  10. Thank you all for the advice! As a follow up, if I have not received the NOA but already sent my application to adjust status, can my fiance and I travel within the US? We'd like to fly to Texas for a short trip. Her fiance visa expired on 4/4/21. They received my application 4/6 (and obviously we married in Feb 2021).
  11. Hey I've searched for this on the forums and found a few threads but mostly were before and during the COVID-19 pandemic's peak. I was wondering if there are currently still significant delays going on? I submitted my whole packet on April 5th, and was received by their facility on the 6th. It's the 16th now with no email/text yet. Is anyone else experiencing these same delays? I'm mainly comparing it to my initial submission for the I-129F of which I received an SMS of receipt notice within 5 days of them receiving the package. Thanks!
  12. If I delay sending my AOS application past the 90 day mark after she entered the country, perhaps 1-2 weeks after the 3 month mark, is it a big deal? She will be staying "unlawfully", but what are the consequences of delaying by 1-2 weeks after that? If it's not a big deal, I can wait till everything's done with the name and then submit AOS.
  13. So our request to have her name changed was granted. However, the process takes time. I will receive an unofficial court order in the mail within a week. Then I contact the publication company to have it published. I don't know how long that will take (they didn't answer the phone when I called to ask). Then I receive an affidavit of publication. Then I send that affidavit of publication to the county clerk. Then the county clerk will send me the certified official court order in the mail which is used to offically/legally use her name. The AOS I-485 form states in Part 1 to write "Your current legal name". I'm a bit afraid to use her new name here without the certified official court order. What do you guys think?
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