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  1. Hi guys, I am one of the applicants who was having a trouble to add my receipt# or case to USCIS app or even checking my status online. However, I did my bio appt last friday, and now when I plugged it in my case# online and on the app, it worked with update my status. I just wanna share for those who can’t check their status online or through the app, you just stay tuned till your bio appt. good luck for all of us.
  2. Hi Libaaxruuge, I have submitted my application to the same SC. I got the NOA1 and extension letter about a week after, sometimes it takes from one week to two weeks. However, I understand your worries, but remember the patience game has been started. You must have a long breath with the USCIS. good luck,
  3. Hi bro, Basically, everyone has this issue, so have a peace of mind lol try to create an account @ DHS website which is related to Homeland Security, and then plug in your receipt #. You will see that 'your case was received' Good luck,
  4. well, if you have no red flags or criminal records, so hiring an attorney is wasting $$$ and time. They are F..... suck u dry, and then when u call them, they get irritated as you are not paying any for them. I believe, hiring a lawyer it makes worse because it makes the officer gets wonder, why did this applicant hire an attorney? However, if I am in ur shoes, i just will cancel him, and enough what he or she got. And continue the journey by yourself. good luck,
  5. Hi there, i have ave a question regarding the extension letter, is it the same letter of the NOA1 or a separate paper comes after the NOA1?
  6. Well, I have created an account at DHS website and I tried there my receipt number and it worked “case was received” u can try that way, if u want.
  7. hi guys, I just received my notice action I-797 and when I try to plug in the receipt # at the USCIS website, it gives me ERROR. Does anybody have any idea about what is going on?
  8. I got a text message from USCIS this morning confirming my case was received. Good luck for March members!
  9. seemingly, there are many people have filed at phoenix, az. that's good so, we can keep tracking our timeline. good luck for all.
  10. i just did one with the full amount of $680. if anyone files at phoenix, az. just wave here!
  11. I just mailed it today too, I agree with u the anxiety game starts lol good luck for everyone :)
  12. Hi guys, I just would like to ask if there will be any problem, if i'm going to send my I-751 application within the window of 90 days. I mean, i'm not gonna send it exactly at the first day of the opening window, i am going to send it after that one month or so.
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