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  1. Sharing some good news! We had a REF for our I-751, from 07/28. We submitted our response on 08/17. It was supposed to hear from them within 60 days. Honestly, we didn't expect it because of COVID, and shortage in staff for CS all over states, and with the current administration for the White house, they want to cut some from USCIS budget. However, we put a service request on 08/16, to inquire about our application. Today, is the big day, we were checking for updates, and found '' New Card Is being Produced''. I just thought to give some positive vibes and motivation for people, who have been hanging there for long time. We are March, 2019 filers. Cali Service Center.
  2. Hello I-751 March Fillers, I hope my message find you well. I have been watching you quietly since two years ago! I am so thankful for VisaJourney's family in helping me to prepare for my K1-visa and AOS application. I submitted my I-751 packet in March15th, 2019, this last Tuesday 7/28, I got an update on USCIS app for REF. I am pretty sure everyone knows it is going to be about the bonafide of my marriage with my spouse. I have been married for four years. I would say, I am in a good standing of my marriage like anyone else, there are ups and downs sometimes. However, my question for everyone knows anything about that REF, and specially for those who got the same request advise what it could be included more to prove the bonafide of our marriage. Especially, if I already sent in my first packet the next list: - Two sworn affidavits by close friends of US citizenship, attesting to out happy relationship and marriage. - A copy of our joint occupancy rental agreement for the residence (we have been living there for four years) - Copy of recent bank statement from our joint checking and saving account. - A copy of the joint ownership title to our cars. - Copy of car insurance notice. - A letter from my wife life insurance company, (...) showing the designated beneficiary is my husband - A letter from my husband life insurance company (...)showing the designated beneficiary is my wife - A partial copy of 2016 to 2018 joint US tax return. - Family photographs from several occasions over the last two years, including dates and names on the back of the photos. Please feel free to participate with any advice that might help us to come over this matter!
  3. Hello visajoureny mates, We need your experience to share with us. My fiance interview was on OCT 25th 2016, the interview was so far so good after 2 hours inside the US embassy in RYD. The VO took his fingerprint and handled a pamphlet to him and told this is your rights in America, then he got interviewed by the CO and made him to oath and took his fingerprint once again. Then he told him get back to the VO. Then the VO said make the payment of the courrier to deliver your passport. My fiance asked him what is the result of the interview he told him congrats, we are going to send your passport when it's ready. Anywho, the status visa at ceca kept updates from the same day of interview 25th, 27th and 30th to 'READY' consecutively then on OCT 31st the creation date and update date both of them changed to OCT 31st then to 'ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING' and the status visa went from immigrant to nonimmigrant. Since then there is no update. We start to get stressed specially since the VO didn't give him any slip of 221g to put the visa status under AP and he kept his passport. So this morning I emailed the embassy and sent to them: My name is ....., the petitioner for the above case. I'm wondering if there is any missing documents regarding of my fiance interview which was taken on OCT 25th 2016 after the VO said congrats to him. The Ceca status changed a couple of times to 'READY' then since last OCT 31st stuck at 'Administrative Processing' since then there is no update, without given him any slip of 221g? Is he under AP of 221g? We look forward to hearing from you. then the embassy answered back this afternoon: No more documents requested and the case is under administrative processing. Regards, AZ Please reply using this email chain as opposed to creating a new email so we have a complete record of all information pertinent to your case. You may check the status of your case online by visiting http://redirect.state.sbu/?url=https://ceac.state.gov Does anyone have been through the same case, please share with us your experience or any info might be helpful guy? Thanks in advanced.
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