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US Immigration from Poland

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Online marriage and CR1
7:49 pm February 16, 2021



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So me and my fiancee we've been wondering, do we need to see each other after getting married online?

We saw each other multiple times before. But in order to file for CR1 do we need to see each other?

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Green Card Sponsorship for Parents Living in the USA
3:04 pm February 12, 2021



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Hi All,

I created this thread as most of them are for sponsoring parents that are abroad, and there is no really one for parents that are already in the USA.

A brief overview of my case.

I am a US citizen since 2019 and have filed for sponsorship for my parents back in November 2019. My parent are both here in the US. Case was filed based on residency in New York.

They have received their Employment authorization cards three months after submitting all the paper work. In December 2020 we filed for renewal, my mom received her card within 3 week period without going for biometrics again and my father is still waiting to receive his new employment authorization which will expire in March.

Is there anyone in the same situation sponsoring their parent her in the US and what are your stories, timelines?

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3:29 pm February 9, 2021



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Hi :) I am new to this group with my husband. We're filling out documents and we're completely lost at one point which is : assets. His parents are going to be co sponsors, they have a household of 5 + then me. What assets can we use and how much should it be in total? From where can we get for example house worth?

Can you please help how to start, what do we need etc.

Thank you so much

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AoS (merged threads)
8:49 pm January 31, 2021

David and Anna

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I am planning to add my soon-to-be wife to the Healthcare exchange after we get her SSN, get married and apply for AoS (she is coming on her K-1 in February). I have a few questions I could use some clarity on:

1. Does anyone have a link to official documentation as to whether receiving the income tax credit under the ACA exchange causes a problem under the PC rules? (let's stipulate that the new I-944 PC rule is in place for this discussion - if it goes away due to courts or Biden, then great. I know medicaid is considered a problem for PC, but want to be sure that the tax credit under the ACA is not a problem)

2. Also related question to anyone that knows, the Healthcare exchange website says that she qualifies for participating in the exchange if she is "an applicant for LPR". I presume AoS meets that?

3. If yes, then does that mean we need the I-485 NOA1 to provide the exchange with proof?

4. Assuming yes, how long is it taking to get AoS NOA1 right now? (I know that I-129F NOA1's are coming after 2+ months in some cases, but haven't seen any similar complaints about the I-485 NOA1.)

5. Lastly, has anyone here gone thru this exact process? Did someone marry and add their new spouse to the ACA exchange? If Yes, please share any details and help that you can.


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k1->GC->Divorce->Citizenship - what to do with evidence?
1:01 am January 12, 2021



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I have been looking for answers for a while.

I received my 10yr GC after divorce on waiver - I did not have any issues.

Citizenship Interview was very easy and everything went smoothly.

What should I do with evidence? I am thinking to keep the forms, but things like bank statements, phots, tickets, mail... do you guys keep it or is it safe to get rid of?

What are the chances that my citizenship will be taken away when I did everything the right way?


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