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Healthcare worker (emergency visa appointment)
1:52 am September 18, 2021



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Hello everyone,

Hope all is well, does anyone in here submitted a emergency visa appointment as Healthcare worker and received an interview date as soon as you requested it? As per Department of State guidance, Healthcare workers may request an emegency visa appointment. It also states in DOS website that procedures will be posted in US embassies websites, but we have been checking US Embassy Philippine Website and they haven t posted any instructions/procedures for requesting emergency visa appointment. My sister is under family base visa petition (F1 - Sons and daughters of US Citizen above 21) and she is US Registered Nurse. Her case was expedited and has been sent to US embassy manila since February 2021 but still no Interview Letter yet. Your response would highly appreciated.


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Parking near Saint Luke's????
10:32 pm September 17, 2021



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While others are freaking out over vaccine requirements at Saint Luke's. We have much more serious issues about Saint Luke's to concern ourselves with. Like, is there parking around there in the morning??? My wife an stepdaughter are going Tuesday morning and we figure it's best if she just drives but we are less confident about the parking situation. Robinson's Place looks like it might be an obvious place to park, but their appointment at SLEC is at 7:00am and the mall would not be open yet so maybe the parking would not be either. We are also trying to make this a dry run for them getting to the Embassy interview at a later date which is scheduled for 6:30am. So does anyone know about parking situation around there???

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VJ, No love for AOS?
7:27 pm September 17, 2021


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So I've been on this site a while and I noticed the homepage only announces visa successes and not AOS which are also long processes and equally important. Perhaps there could be a honor role for AOS as well? And maybe N-400 too? ROC? Others?


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Interview notices?
5:34 pm September 17, 2021


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I know everyone wants one but for those that have received one, were there any specific requests on the form specific to you? Mine just looks like a form letter listing off basically 'bring everything.' Even says bring the I-693 if you haven't already sent it. Just wondering if anyone ever gets any specific requests related to their case?

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I-864 : My husband is currently unemployed
2:37 am September 16, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I was wondering is someone can help me with my dilemma, I am in the process of applying for my adjustment of status and unfortunately, my husband is currently unemployed. His dad is willing to help us but I dont know if he should fill up I-864 (same as my husband) or I-864A since we all live in the same house and my husband will be using his income and assets.

I was wondering if any of you have the same experience and would love to hear your ideas/advice on this matter.

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