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I-751 - No Updates and about to Expire
10:40 pm yesterday


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We filed our our I-751 almost 2 years ago, before the initial 2 year Permanent Residence Expired. We received a notice of a 2 year extension not long after, but have heard nothing since. We got notice the driver's license will soon expire. When checking the case online it just states the Case was updated to Show Fingerprints taken, which was shortly after filing.

We have moved since submitting the paperwork and filed the documents stating we have moved, but didn't receive any updates. The UCSIS website says it's taking 28.5 months to process through the Potomac Center which is past our expiration date. Has this happened to anyone else yet? Is there anyone we can reach out to? I've tried calling any contact number I can find and submitting case inquiries online but receive nothing back.

Any help or insight is very much appreciated. We have another child on the way and with all our documents expiring it is adding some stress.

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I received my case number but one is missing, what happened?
9:15 am June 6, 2023


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two weeks ago I sent my forms:
form I-130
form I-485
form I-765


form I-864
But with this, I didn't get the receipt number, so I don't know if it's normal or if they didn't approve it, what could it be?

I have the receipt number of all except this one (Form I-864)


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Help, I have a question regarding the status change process.
5:22 pm May 11, 2023


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hello, good afternoon.
I have a question...
When I submit my application for adjustment of status, can I stay here in the United States while it is being processed?
For example, I apply today but my visa expires on July 20, as it is being processed, can I stay or do I have to receive any notification from USCIS?
Thank you!

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J-1 visa to green card, Can you help me by solving some doubts that I have about it?
6:51 am April 27, 2023


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hello, my name is Graciela
I entered the United States with a J-1 visa, duration of one year and I only have 3 months left until my visa expires.
A month ago I married my boyfriend, he is American, who is now my husband, I met him 3 years ago.
My program is in Arizona and he lives in Florida and now I am processing the status change papers to be able to stay here. Law 212 (E) does not apply to my visa, the two-year rule.
I would like to know if I have to notify USCIS if I change my residence in 3 months or do I simply process all the documents as if I lived with him?
I am very confused because if I say that I still live in Arizona and at 3 I move to Florida and I already handed over the documents to USCIS, I don't know if there are problems because of that.
Thank you!

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Adjustment of status what forms do we file
10:50 am March 25, 2023



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Little bit of background, me and my fiance filed for a k1 back in January of 2022, still waiting on approval. However she is Venezuelan so we applied for the parole program and we were approved came to the USA together in January of 2023. We are planning on getting married in August, what forms do we need to file for AOS. Is it the i130 and i485 together? Or is it just the i485 alone?

Thanks for the help.

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