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K1filling form
9:22 pm December 22, 2019


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my fiance and i are filling the form i129 form but we have a few questions. my father has been deceased for 23 years shall we fill his country of residence as non applicable? also how should we file my address history when panama doesn t have a postal code.

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i94 stamp sufficient?
7:15 pm October 14, 2019


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Hi- we're completing our AOS paperwork and are having trouble with the i94. When we go to retrieve the i94 from the website- it shows an i94 from 2 years ago. In the travel information section it does list his arrival to the US a month ago. We have tried reaching out to CBP various ways with no luck. Is a copy of the i95 arrival stamp enough for our application? And perhaps including a print out of the travel information from the i94 website?

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SSN and name change
3:35 am October 9, 2019



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My fianc e arrived about 2.5 weeks ago and we just got married Saturday. I have read that applying for a SSN too soon is inadvisable (sooner than two weeks) so I am going to have her go in two days. This means she is applying for a SSN three weeks after arrival.

Our marriage certificate shows her current name (that's all they asked for at the courthouse), but she wants to take my last name. Do we make that official change with SS? How do we fill out all of the AOS forms? With the new name? I'm confused because the timeline for K1 visa on here suggested we get her SSN before marriage then change the name after marriage.

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Miami Port of Entry: Which line?
4:17 pm September 15, 2019



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My fianc e and I have everything in order (I-129F packet, passport with her Visa, sealed medical packet and CD) and are ready to do port of entry in Miami airport on Wednesday. However, I am seeing mixed answers about which line we should go in. Some say we can both go to the US Citizen line (I seem to remember the customs agent telling me this specifically last time I passed through Miami) and other places online state we both go to the visitors line. The visitors line would significantly cut down on our layover window (about 3 hours).

Does anyone know or can you speak from experience?

Thank you!

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K1 Guidance - A Bit Nervous!
1:44 am September 11, 2019



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My fiancee and I have been approved by the USCIS 2.5 months after filing (I, the petitioner, received an approval notice via mail), and approved by the NVC 1.5 months after that (I received this approval via email, but it was addressed to my fiancee, the beneficiary). The email says the app is being sent to the Embassy in her country. I am a bit confused on what happens next.

  1. Will I receive some sort of notification when the US Embassy in my fiancee's country has processed the application?
  2. In the meantime, what should we be doing? Should we already be preparing the additional paperwork (DS-160, police certificates, her medical exam, evidence of financial support I-134, evidence of relationship)?
  3. What is a police certificate?
  4. Can she just use the same evidence of relationship we used in our i-129-f petition?
  5. Does she just bring this paperwork to the Embassy with her when she is prompted to schedule the appointment?
  6. How will the Embassy contact my fiancee to schedule the appointment? They have a postal address and her home phone number, not her email. I don't trust these measures of communication.
  7. What if we cannot get all of this paperwork in order before the interview is scheduled. I've read it is sometimes difficult to get a medical exam scheduled.
  8. How do we pay the filing fee for the DS-160? Is it brought we her to the Embassy?

I am very sorry for the questions. The process is stressful as you all know and I am not fully understanding the descriptions on the government website.

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