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AOS form question.
11:43 pm February 15, 2021

Corey Novak

Corey Novak

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My fianc arrived on a k-1 visa. We got married within the 90 days but we are about to submit our I-485 for adjustment of status after the 90 days. Is she unlawfully staying?? I m asking because I m the AOS form. There s a question that says Have you ever violated the terms or conditions of your non immigrant status???

im just confused and stressed out. Thanks

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Connecting to Tier 2 Need interview info
3:14 pm February 9, 2021


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Hello everyone. Any tips to connect with a Tier 2 officer these days? We were able to a few months ago, but it seems something has changed. We ve been waiting for a callback since Jan. 22 ?

USPS lost our interview notice and we need to find out the interview date/time. We ve filled out the USCIS form, USPS has been unresponsive, tried USCIS Emma chat, and called many times only to be told that we have to wait for a Tier 2 to call us and there is no way for a Tier 1 to connect us to a Tier 2.

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I-129F Processing Delay
6:17 pm February 3, 2021


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I filed our I-129F application on April 23rd 2020 with an NOA1 of April 29th 2020. It is currently at the CSC but we have not received any info since then. The USCIS processing times says they are currently processing applications from June 9th 2020. On January 23rd 2021 we used the USCIS website to file an inquiry because our case is outside normal processing times. We received this response on the 1st of February 2021:

Thank you for your inquiry. We recognize your interest in the final adjudication of your pending application/petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing. We regret we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will review your case but the California Service Center is committed to processing this workload. We will be making every effort to adjudicate your case in the most efficient manner based on our available resources. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Does anyone know what else we can do to try and get an update as to why our case seems to be taking so long? I see a lot of other people with similar timelines as us that have received their NOA2 1-2 months ago. We are worried something is wrong with our case but don't know what we can do to further investigate.

Thank you for any help

-Colin and Kandy

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Changing name before or after applying for AOS?
5:21 pm January 28, 2021

Corey Novak

Corey Novak

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Hi everyone, so my wife and I just got our marriage certificate in the mail and we are preparing form I-485. Should my fianc change her last name to mine before we file or after we file for AOS? Or does it not matter and just while filling out the form... put my last name and under the other names section put what will be her maiden name once we change her name???
I just don t want it to cause any problems for us.

thank you

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Filing I-485. Adjustment of status
11:59 pm January 14, 2021

Corey Novak

Corey Novak

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Hi guys. Since the last time I was on here my fianc arrived from Panama and we are coming to the end of our 90 days. We were planning a big wedding but with covid back on the rise and my family getting hit with the big C. we were forced to change plans. Now we have only a week left for our 90 days. We are getting married in 2 days on Saturday 01/16/2021. Our 90 days is over on 01/23/2021. I m assuming that we need a copy of our marriage certificate when filing for adjustment of status. I also know that it may take about 2 weeks to get our marriage certificate back in the mail. Will the USCIS give us a hard time since we are applying for the

I-485(adjustment of status) after our 90 days??? Any info will help. Thank you

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