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US Immigration from Panama

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Traveling with i551 stamp
12:53 am


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My husband's ROC extension letter expired while we were waiting for the 10-year green card to get approved, so he got a 551 stamp in his passport that is valid through March2019. We just received notice that the ROC application was approved and his green card will arrive within 60 days. The letter says not to travel internationally until it arrives. We have a vacation to Mexico planned in a week.

Question: Will he still be able to travel on the 551 stamp, even though his status has technically changed now from Conditional Resident to Permanent Resident? Has anyone else traveled in this situation? Thanks!

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Double Proxy Marriage to Panamanian Citizen
4:40 am


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Greetings. I have some questions about my double proxy marriage. I am in the U.S. Military and she is a Panamanian Citizen. From my research, I understand that I should pursue either a CR-1 or K3 Visa. My questions are as follows:

- What are the chances that my petition will be denied?

- Are pictures and flight receipts sufficient to show that the marriage is consummated?

- Will she be able to register her marriage in Panama?

Thank you for your time.

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NOA 2 / I-797 Question
11:17 pm


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I have a question about some of the info on the NOA 2. It states "Notice Type" and gives a date range (see below).

This doesn't pertain to the POE after the interview does it? Curious if this is just how long you have to get the interview done with or what. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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Panama Filers
8:25 pm


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Figured this would be more helpful for all of us navigating the USCIS waters.

Share your story and let us know how your immigration is progressing. Any tips about interviews, medical, or documentation for the embassy would be super helpful for future filers. For those further along, how has the transition to living in the U.S. been for you? Also feel free to just come hang out and chat with fellow CR filers about anything that's on your mind. (copied this from the Costa Rica Thread - ty for the idea!)

If anyone has any tips on obtaining police records or lack there of I would very much appreciate it!

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Fiancee maybe never left?
9:13 pm

Shi-Long Lang

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Hi, everyone. I have a really unusual question. A couple of years ago, I brought someone to the USA through a K1 finacee visa. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, and she wanted to return home. This happened before we were married. However, even though she maintained contact for a little while, she' been acting strangely since she left. She's been extra secretive. I happened to stumble across a new Facebook page of hers that shows her in the USA. At first I thought she just managed to come back... but now that I think about it... I'm wondering if she never left in the first place. Her flight back home included one stop within the USA. I'm thinking it may be possible that she decided not to board her connecting flight and never went back to her home country. So... now I wonder what legal impact that might have on me if that is the case. Should I be concerned?



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